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Blue Sceptre Busy

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The Blue Sceptre (who will continue to play under the name SRC until a new record comes out) have been exceptionally busy in the past few weeks - besides the name change they've been breaking a new bass player into the band, working on a new album and single, negotiating with record companies, and helping other area bands make recordings as well as playing all over the midwest.

Richard Michaels is the new Sceptre bass player - he recently escaped from the Mike Quatro Jam Band where he was biding time until Al Wilmot decided to leave the SRC for his own group. Michaels sings and plays harmonica and keyboards as well as bass and may switch around with Glenn Quackenbush, BS piano player, on some tunes. He's just 20, comes from Pontiac, and lives in Ann Arbor.

Teegarden and Van Winkle have been spending a lot of time at the Sceptre's Morgan Sound Theatre getting their new album together for the Westbound label. (Morgan Sound was built and is run by the Sceptres themselves, along with former Motown engineer Brian Dombrowski. ) Ted Nugent and the Dukes (Polydor) have also been in, and Alice Cooper will be back soon to record some more sides for Straight/Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, the Sceptre have been working like mad finishing tracks for their upcoming album and single. Scot Richardson promises the new single will be out within a month (most likely on the Scepter 's Vulcan label), while the album is for presentation to the 15 or more representatives from record companies who will be in town in the near future to check out the band. The Blue Sceptre hope to work out a new contract (they broke with CapĂ­tol last year) with a major company soon.