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Alice Cooper has a new single out - "Caught in a Dream" - should be on the charts soon. . . Brownsville Station have a new album ready on Warner Bros. , should be out in two weeks. . . Sceptre's Pete Andrews says that student organizations at the U of M will be banding together to put on a series of 23 concerts at HilI Auditorium and the Events Building starting next fall. Andrews is now Events Director of the University, a new office designed to coordinate all future music events, and will be working with other colleges in the state to help reduce the cost of big name bands coming to gan. . . Two of WNRZ's new disk jockies, Bob Young (from Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.) and Larry Rock (New York) flipped out in the Arb last Sunday and have been blown away with their new home town. . . Atlantic still holds up the MC 5 album with hassles about the way the sound is mixed (as many as 14 musicians on some cuts) and the liner design (lead singer Rob Tyner drew cartoons for the back). . . Guess what? The SUN needs more rock news, Musicians and fans should cali their scoops in to 761-1709 right away. . .KEEP ON ROCKIN! ! ! !

WXON- Channel 62

May 23.TUBE WORKS 9-11 pm

WTVS Channel 56

May 7--FUN FARE 8pm- "Silverbird" the birth of a Navajo rock and roll band 16 M.M. 9pm- 2 offbeat lifestyles

May 8-4:00 Interview with Willy Buckley 6:00 Free Play Campesino 7:00 Isadoria Duncan 8:30 723. 25 MHz Visual, Free U in Detroit

May 9 - 9:00 Masterpiece Theatre episode 2 10:00 FAN FARE Alicia Alonso

May 10-2:30 Lilias Yoga and You 7:30 Black Brown Red Yellow 8:00 World Press