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Good Bye Winter Blues!!

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(One of the long-accepted standards of the rock and roll industry was shot f uil of holes last Friday as a crowd estimated at over 1500 people squeezed into the Union Ballroom f or a 50L benefit for the Community Park Program, Originally thought of as something only to keep the rock and roll maniacs going until the Ann Arbor Tribal Council's free music series got off the ground, the dance ((produced by the Rainbow People's Party)) ended up making $527 for the Park Program. No one imagined that the Tribal Council's Park Program fund raising drive would get such an early, solid start - no one thought that the 50? event would make any money at all. The bands were UP, Guardian Angel, and Rosta ((who replaced the Brat when drummer Larry Blunt came down with the hep)). Barbara Holliday's report follows. And watch out for the next cheapie. . . ) GOODBYE WINTER BLUES! ! !. . . Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime!. . . Rockin' and a Rollin'. . . boppin' and a strollin'. . . Well it's Friday Night and i ain't got nobody. . . I got some money 'cause i jus' got paid. . . O how i wish i had someone to talk to, Fm in an awful rage Come One, Come All. . . it's Friday Night at the Union Ballroom, . . . and everbody's gonna be there! ! ! ! May 7th, a warm night the first signs of summer turning into the real thing. . . and Three Bands and 1, 500 Sisters and Brothers, rockin' on to the Music. . „ We don't have anybody but each other, to watch, and love, and dance with, and talle to, and laugh with, and ROCK ON OUT with. . . Inside the Ballroom, PEOPLE everywhere. . . . After all you can panhandle fifty cents. . . 50?. . . . just five small dimes, for the Rock n' Roll Show of all time. . . The lights keep staying on and goin' off and the crowd is sittin' and watchin' . . . waiting for the Music to begin. . . ROSTA. . . . BAM. . . bam. . . . and here we are. . . the lights go off and the horns start the crowd swayin' and dancin' and jumpin'. . . . Rostaferians from the Mountains oí Jamacia. . . come to sing and play, come to make you wanna dance and clap your hands DANCE. . to the music. . . two drummers, two saxaphones, two guitars and a knockout bass. . . Peopie, people everywhere. . . it sure is hot in here. . . the cool summer breezes. . . sittin' on the steps of the Union saying Howdy to your neighbors. . . Thankin' the Earth.and. . . The Guardian Angel and the Music starts again. . . Scotty Morgan, singin' with all his heart, making all that sound, wearin' a breast píate he made with his own hands. . . Terry Trebain on his bass singin' with his partner again. . . and Scott's brother David on the drums and Tex playin' his guitar, lookin' like an American flag. . . sayin' HERE WE ARE. . . Listen to the Music we're gonna play for YOU. . . They can't take away our Music. . . No no. . . pool players and ping pong, hangin' out at the Pop machines, talkin1, and walkin', smokin' and jokin', maybe just hopin'. . . We all have Summer for the next three or four months. . . so fine, so fine as wine in the summer time sixty nine, fruit of the vine, drinkin' wine in the summertime. . . Come UP TONITE. . . Right Now ! ! ! Live in person. . . with you, for you, to you, can you hear me talkin' to ya Free John Sinclair. . . f rom the Jailhouse Rock. . . Ooo Sister Sister . . . Dancin' to the Jams. . . Do the SunDance sister Boney. . . don't y our f eet ever stop a rockin' and your knees quit knockin' as you ROCK ONnnnn. . . . Frank and Gary and Bob and Scotty. . play it ! We're gonna dance all night long . . . yeah all night long