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ïmors are rami t f rom the ei aal halls of e in Lansing th de denial of John Sinclair's m. iuana appeal may soon be re rsed! John's supporters thi -ghout the State oí Michigan w" soon make their voices heard in idal wave of protest--look for lot af action starting May 28- FF E JOHN NOW ! FLASH! 'l .e trial of brother James Johnson, revolu nary black worker, chargedwith killing twt oremen at Eldon Gear and Axle in De' it, after being fired without cause, is iderway in Detroit Recorder 's Court at I Murphy Hall of Justice. J mes is facing the same racist dog pei rt judge, Robert J. Colombo, that senten d John Sinclair to 9 12 to 10 years for joints. People's attorney Ken Cockrel eads the defense, and anyone interested ia political education should get down the: l at 9 a.m. and check the shit out as it íes down. Power to James Johnson and 1 11 people who refuse to submit to the biti f the snake! FLASH! UI this space with your flash. Cali 761-1709 and run what's on your mind. The AA Sun is yours. Use it! FLASH! Are you tired of working for a boss who uses your labor to make money for himself ? Tired of boring, meaningless jobs, the dull, daily 9-5 Amerikan routine? The development of alternative communities and institutions throughout the nation is providing in increasing amounts new forms of employmont; work for, of , and by the people. Vocations for Social Change is a west coast group that publishes a bimonthly catalogue of alternative jobs available throughout the U. S. It's filled with fascinating opportunities-everything from running organic gardens in the northwest to working for revolutionary publications. Most provide a subsistence salary, or guaranteed communal existence. Pick up copies of V. S. C. at 1520 Hill St. , or write to them at Box 13, Canyon, California 94516. FLASH! The Food Coop needs vans for its weekly runs to Eastern Market in Detroit. Cali Peggy at 1709 FLASH! FOLLUTION REVOLUTION Shaklee organic products available through the Food Co-op. Organic non polluting lauandry compound, household all purpose cleaners. organic shampoo, and Groovy personal care items; all organic, all very inexpensive; saves you dollars plus helps begin the fight against pollution. Contact Ann Hoover at 761-1709. FLASH! The AA Sun needs typewriters, art supplies, cffice equipment, film, lots of food on Wednesday ■ nights, and just about anything else we can get our hands on. Also, if anybody knows how to fix plumbing, we need you bad. FLASH! CORNTREE needs new people! The Corntree offers an alternative approach to traditional child care. Parents and kids age 5 as well as people who dig working with kids are needed now. H you're interested in eliminating adult chauvinism, developing a communal spirit without the commune, and working with the potential of extended families, cali Marge at 761-0745 or Ted at 662-6626. FLASH! The Children's Comraunity School needs: large wood blocks, books (good kids books--non-sexist, non-racist), old record players, typewriters, stuffed toys, pushcart type cars. crayons, paints, paper, lumber, brushes, and scissors. Bring stuff to 927 Woodlawn. Phone is 769-7352. FLASH! RAINBOW NATION (GET IT ON) Come along many million strong our people are gettin together Shake and dance jump and shout movin in the sunny summer weather Seen the rain feit the wind a lotta bad times and there'll be others We been runnin we been hidin all across the countryside time to show our bright right colors You can see what we see power add the beauty we're buildin with our own minds and hands Our people all people all taste the freedom a new wave is sweepin the land Rainbow Sister a long way you've coma Rainbow Brother you made it through the storm Rainbow People sing your song Rainbow Nation get it on! A rainbow visión is what we've found You can teil we're around f rom the rock and roll sound -the UP TOM PAYNTER, street f reek: Yes, cause I love it! It's really good, you know. It's a really nice thing f or you to do every day. It's like a drain of chompism. You can smoke it and everything flows much better. STEVE SCHILLING, sailor (US Navy): No. It would blow my security clearanee. . . I can tolérate other people smoking it but I'ra not into it myseli. MARY JANE SCHMILZER, from Adrián, unemployed: No. It's really very simple. I have a couple of times and I have no interest in it. RUTH GREEN, student, Hurón High School: Sure, because it gets you high. Andit gives you something creative to do at schooL CORNELIUS R. SHAFFNER, bank j teller: I can't say, because I work for i the Ann Arbor Bank ... I don't think there's anything wrong with people smoking it if they're mature enough to handle it and accept the responsibilities of what happens, because of their actionSo