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Hard Drugs!

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The hard drugs committee of the Tribal Council met Tuesday, May 11, to discuss community action against the epidemie of hard drugs that is plaguing our community. The turnout at the meeting was incredibly disappointing, with only a few people in attendance. Mostly it was the same few people who have been meeting regularly for the past few months. With lots of money now available f rom a federal grant for the Tribal Council's drug programs (see story on this page), the work of this committee becomes increasingly important. The committee decided to start exploring the areas covered in the grant, the setting up of a community center, street education, alternative environment (housing), and also to start education with the compilation of a reading list for the members, and anyone interested in the problem. There is a lot of work yet to be done if we are going to drive smack, speed, and all other bogue, addicting drugs from our community. To do this we need lots oi new energy. The next meeting is Tuesday, May 17, at 7p.m,, at the Rainbow People's Party house, 1520 Hill Street. Come! ! !