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When people talk about bad dope, and especially bad acid , the name strychnine is frequently brought up. Strychnine is a strong stimulant. In small doses, this stimulant effect can enhance the effects of other psychedelics, as can speed, However, strychnine has many adverse effects for such use. Strychnine, in larger doses is a convulsant, the muscles in the body go out of control and keep flexing. There have been known cases where, in the arm for example, both the muscles that straighten the arm (tríceps) and that bend the arm (biceps) will flex at the same time, breaking the arm-bone. These convulsant effects are the reason strychnine is used as a rat poison. Luckily, strychnine is present only a fraction of the time it is reported It has a very "classic" set of symptoms that are rarely seen. (Drug Help has seen one in the past nine months). An upset stomach or a red throat is not an indication of strychnine. There is a sequence of muscle tightening (face, neck, then stomach), followed by arching of the lower back and pelvic regions, then followed by symmtrical thrusting movements in other limbs. The complexitiy of this sequence indicates that tightness in the stomach and soma pain does not indícate strychnine by itself . ff you think a brother or sister has been given strychnine, and does have enough of the above symptoms to cause concern, what can you do? Immediately elimínate as much of the sound and light in the area as possible and cali Drug Help. Cutting the light and sound is very important, for it can prevent the convulsions. The person should be moved as little as possible, and if moved, moved smoothly. The convulsions from strych nine are triggered by outside stimulus (the nerves and muscles grossly over-react to the stimulus). Sound, light, and sudden movement are three such stimuli. In animal research, they have shot up a cat with 2-3 times the lethal dosage of strychnine, but he did not go into convulsions as he was kept in a quiet, dark room. But when they turned on the light, ZAP! Drug Help can help, by sending out an cali team and medical back-up (our trusted does), who could administer an anti-convulsant if necessary. (Note: Thorazine does not reduce the potential for strychnine convulsions at all. ) DRUG HELP HE LP 24 hours a day SERUM HEPATITUS Serum Hepatitus is a disease that is being seen in increasing numbers in our conmunity, especially among those brothers and sisters who shoot dope. It is a disease that is generally transmitted from sharing dirty needles, but may ais o be picked up from eating from the same dishes as someone with serum hep. The disease mainly attacks the liver and if care is not taken can be extremely serious, or fatal. Danger signs are extreme tiredness and fever, coupled with dark brown or reddish brown urine and light colored or chalky stools. Yellowing of skin and eyes can also occur as the disease progresses. Another very important thing about serum hep is that it may remain dormant, that is not show any symptoms for up to one year after exposure to the disease. Thus, if follow-up is done on cases of serum hep, then many people may be saved from going through jaundice. Free People's Clinic will diagnose and treat the disease, and help with the follow-up, to help elimínate the spread of this disease in our community. E you think that you have been exposed to the disease come in and see us. It's free. FREE PEOPLE1 S CLINIC 302 E. Liberty 761-8925 Mon-Thurs. 7:00-9:30 pm Sat. 1:00-3:30 pm