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JOHANNESBURG, S. África- Union af South África Premier Vorster announced last week that his government has finally agreed to let televisión come to South África. U's taken a long time, but apparently too many white Afrikaaners were upset that they couldn't see the first moonwalk in 1969, and have been hollerin' for the tube ever since. There's been no TV in S„ Aírica because the all white governm?nt (in a country more than 90% black) has been af raid that it'll give too much education to the blacks. Education breeds revolution, because once people find out what's really going on they start to move for change. Mind-control through TV, a tooi developed to its highest degree by the U. S. mass media, brainwashes people into accepting the controllers' explanation for what's going down; keep people ignorant, control their inf ormation, and you can successfully manipúlate what they think and do. At any rate, white South Africans were also afraid that the sight of all their gorgeous womsn on the box might incite blacks to rape. Chief TV spokesman, former Minister of Posts and Telegraphs (talk about old men!) Dr. Albert Hertzog, claimed that TV is a "deadly weapon" that has been used to "undermine the moráis of the white man and even to destroy great empires. " Right on, Doe I TV wlll be put under the strict control oí the Ministry of National Education, and there will be separate channels f or blacks and whites.