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FREE APS Flute lessons Cali 769-1511 SRC is selling the following components and equipment. If you will need anything listed, you should get it from us now, since you'll never find prices like these again.' BAND EQUIPMENT: RMT Electric Piano, $650.00; 100 Watt Marshall Amp Top with 2 Speakers, $875.00; Old Les Paul Custom Guitar, $750. 00; Framus "Star" Bass Guitar, $110. 00; Custom-made 15 channel Altec Mixer, $600. 00; Rogers Holiday Drum Kit, $600. 00; Microphone Mixer, $750.00. Also microphones. COMPONENTS: 12 8HD Horns @ $14. 00; 18 Electro Voice T-35 hi-frequency drivers @ $20. 00; 4 Electro Voice T-25 hi-fi mid-range drivers @ $25.00; 16 Electro Voice X-8 2-way crossovers @ $20. 00; 3 Leslie hifrequency drivers (used) @ $75.00. Cali 434-2141 for more details on equipment. SILK SCREENED T-SHIRTS. Red Star with a green marijuana leaf (from a pressed original). High quality Amrikan shirts dyed yellow, orange, or purple. Sizes S, M, L, XL. $2.75 postpaid from: Argus, T-Shirt Dept. Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104 MUSIC LESSONS: expand your m?nd while expanding your musical reality range. Lessons in piano - basic piano for those who could dig knowing basic structures of music. Improvisations in "classical", jazz, etc. Bass -anything you want to learn. Guitar - various styles. New approach to guitar. Writing songs and music - I write all kinds of stuff. Try a lesson for f ree ! Cali Roger- 662-8768. FOR SALE. Hagstrom Guitar, 3 pickups, $325.00 Will sell for half price. Case free. Cali John at 522-3592, Livonia. YELLOW medium height dog has silver chain around her neck. Name is Viki and is a very friendly dog. ff you see her please cali 769-2342. Thank you. For Sale - Gibson acoustic guitar - in fine shape - cali Robert 665-0007 TMI OF f--W nrVx orna ia liilrrnalioiiall) Ai cUiiiii'iI Molion Piclirr UN KLI.1 COTTIIE NKWS Utinuuenlng the kistorir slnile l tbr l.i'aïuriil Ki-xillili(iiijr lilai k tt orki'r. il lln-ii rltorts to oraliii' Hito uoikrr ui' Cih ul.Drlniil. Nou a ditalilr Uu di.h iliutioit (mIh ( K'iii.iU) Con tari I1I.K k Star PmdurtKMM 19330 Jame OWWM Drtroil. MiHiigjn 4R23C (313)341-1614