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Fri-May 14 FILM CITIZEN KANE- Cinema Guild, Arch Aud. , thru Sat. BED & -Fifth Forum PATTON, Michigan LITTLE BIG MAN--State CLAIRE'S KNEE--Campus CHARLY- Angelí Hall, Aud. A MUSIC COMMANDER CODY- Canterbury House STEVE NEWHOUSE- Mr. Floods Party STONE FRONT- Oddessy LEE MICHEALS--East Town Theatre, Detroit 15 FILM See Fridays listings MUSIC See Friday listings FLOATING OPERA- Oddessy Sun-16 FILM See Fridays listings MONSIEUR VERDOUX- Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud. MUSIC MIC HE AL ERLEWINE--Oddessy Mon-17 FILM BED & -Fifth Forum PATTON, MASH- Michigan LITTLE BIG -State CLAIRE'S KNEE- Campus MUSIC STONEY LONESOME BOYS- Mr „ Floods Party Tues-18 FILM See Mondays listings MY LITTLE CHICADEE- Angelí Hall Aud. A 19 FILM See Mondays Listings 20 FILM See Mondays Listings MUSIC TERRY TATE- Mr. Floods Party Fïi-21 FILM See Mondays listings THE LION IN WINTER- Angelí Hall.Aud. A THE THREE FACES OF EVE- Aren Aud„ MUSIC See Thursdays listings