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Wa are in the last week of Taurus, soon the Sun goes into Gemini. Thursday morning the 13th the Moon went into Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn brings a lot of things out in the open. Capricorn is very public. It is also very practical. Capricorn is the mountain goat with a f ish's tail. It wants to cli mb very high, it sets high goals, but goes through a lot of shit getting there with the fish's tail. It is ruled by Saturn. Again, Saturn is connected with Satan the tester, going through a lot of struggle to make us strong. Early Saturday morning the 15th, the Moon goes into Aquarius. This position puts it in trine with the Sun. As the planets move around the Zodiac at their different rates they form angles with each other; depending on the particular angle they form, they either work easily with each other or conflict and cause friction between them. Trine is 120 degrees apart and is one of the best angles for planets to work well and easily with each other. With the Sun and Moon trine it makes our essence, or inner selves, and our reactions work in harmony, or at least without great friction (this depends on where each one of our Moons is in our natal chart. ) The Moon in Aquarius is really high. Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and sisterhood, universal love. Aquarius is the water-bearer, the Helper of the Warrior, it's colors are the colors of the Rainbow. It is ruled by Uranus, the planet of great progressive change, or revoluti on. The Moon in Aquarius usually helps us to fix our mind on reacting to things and people and situations with good f eelings. The Moon goes into Pi sces Monday night the 17th. Pisces is the fishes, it is the symbol used by Christianity, Jesus Christ. We are coming out of the Piscean Age now and going into the Aquarian age. Pisces' main thing is to be a servant of the people , to be helpful whenever the opportunity arises. It is a water sign though and can either be easy and flowing or extremely chaotic. It is also the sign most closely associated with institutions, prisons, and sorrow, also with mysticism and selfabnegation. How we react with the Moon in Pisces depends on our natal charts and what's happening with the rest of the planets now. It has a tendency to put us all into chaos though, since we are so unaware of the rest of the planets andor our own charts and don't really know how to direct these influences. Two more planets are moving into Taurus just as the Sun is beginning to move out of it. Mercury goes into Taurus on Monday the 17th, and Venus goes into Taurus on Tuesday the 18th. Taurus is consolidating energy. Mercury is communie ation, teaching, the messenger of the gods, and rules our central nervous system, With it in Taurus it will hopefully' have a stabilizing effect on those things and help consolídate and make manifest the energy Marcury has picked up from being in Aries Venus too. Venus jointly rules Taurus and Libra. Venus, the planee oí love in Taurus where it is open and receptive and stabilized and brought to fruition, is far out. Venus is love, and in either of its two home signs has profoundly good effeets on our relationships with everyone we coma in contact with. The Sun will be moving into Gemini on Friday the 21st. That will be run down next week. The Moon will have moved into Aries in the first hour oí Thursday the 20th. Together they produce extreme amounts of energy, hard to channel, but if you stay aware of the effeets and act accordingly. A lot of stuff gets taken care of. Sisters find your sisters Brothers find your brothers People find your people The Sun and Moon are with us We will come together The Rainbow is our Spirit.