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When I was still on the streets, up to July of 1969, jones hadn't gotten very far into the bloodstream of our community - there was a lot of speed around, and a lot of obnoxious speedfreaks running around ripping people off and babbling hours on end, but then it wasn't really "a lot" in terms of everybody else who was on the scène. I mean it was more or less of a minor thing that I didn't worry about very much, because it just didn't seem to me that it could spread very far. And as far as smack was concerned, there just wasn't any - of course there was as much as there'd always been, but that was never very much at all, and the people who were shooting scag were almost universally despised as creeps and fools who were to be avoided at all costs. After I got locked up I started hearing about the plague which seemed to be spreading all across the youth colony, and particularly in Ann Arbor where my letters came from. I was up in Marquette and it just didn't sèem very real to me at the time - I thought my people were exaggerating, and it was a few months before I even talked to them about it when they would come to see me. They said it was like an epidemie, a ragin sickness which was aff ecting more people every day, and they were desperate to do something about it, but they didn't know how to deal with it because they couldn't really understand why people were getting into such a bogus trip. So I thought about it for a long time, and then I got sent back down here to Jackson where I talked with a lot of brothers who had been smack freaks on the street, and finally I was shipped down to the Wayne County Jail where I spent 3 12 months on a ward in which almost every prisoner had been using jones bef ore they got locked up. I don't know how together my ideas on it might be because I can't be out there to check things out for myself, but let me try to run a few things in the next couple weeks and you teil me if I'm right or wrong, ok? I haven't ever had any trouble understanding WHY people start using scag, even though I've never used it myself (and I've been knowing junkies since 1961 who were always trying to turn me on to it, but I never wanted to get into it at all and STILL don't) -- Tve watched enough people squeeze that garbage into their veins to know what effect it has, and I don't really blame people for wanting to get that way, especially as bogue as things get out there sometimes. What got me was why so MANY people were doing it, and particularly the kind of people who wouldn't ever have used it a year or -two before, people who were smoking weed and dropping acid and really getting turned on to what was happening all around them. Jones had always been an escape for people who were hopelessly oppressed, who didn't have anything to DO and no hope of EVER being able to get anything together for themèelves - that's why it was so weird to hear about KIDS shooting dope, because there was so much happening and so many things to do that it just didn't make any sense for scag to be so popular, right? Then I started putting this thing together with a lot of other things Pd been thinking about, and it all started to make a lot more sense. The fact is that the epidemie of héroin addiction has spread in direct proportion to the increased oppression of young people here in Babyion, that heroin was been used as a weapon of imperialism here in the youth colony just as it has been used in the black colony and among colonized peoples throughout the history of western imperialism (check out the Opium Wars in China in the 19th Century -- the British and to a lesser extent the Amerikan imperialists IMPORTED opium into China and used it to enslave and exploit the masses of the Chinese people for years; the Opium Wars were incipient national liberation struggles fought in support of the demand that opium be outlawed from China). The rising addiction rate in the youth colony paralleled the increasing political and cultural repression of young people - it went along with the gradual de-energizing of rock and roll music, the increasing monopolization of our culture by the rock and roll imperialists of the mothercountry music industry, the disappearance of the danceconcert and the local rock and roll clubs in favor oí big sit-down concerts and mammoth so-called "pop festivals," the steady rise of marijuana persecution, campus repression, and general pólice harassment and terrorism directed against freeks and all kinds of young people all over Babyion. The grimmer things got on the street, the more kids started shooting scag and running up big dope habits. Instead of there being all kinds of things for freeks to do, it got so that people were af raid to go out on the streets or to a dance (ií there WERE any) or to the park (if the pólice hadn't shut them down) or even to a pop festival, becontinued on page 4 continued from page 1 cause the pigs were everywhere and they were getting more and more vicious by the day. Besides that, the alternatives they had been promised for so long by people like me weren't to be had, and instead oí things getting better everything was just getting worse, with no relief in sight. The "political" freeks who were supposed to get things going and créate alternatives like People's Ballrooms and Defense Committees and everything else we talked about were still just running around babbling about "revolution" and "off the pig" and all kinds of useless talk like that instead of building an alternative social order, so the people on the streets who we had expected to join us got turned off to everything we were saying and got so they didn't even wanna HE AR it any more. And I don't blame them one bit - that part of it was our fault, and will continue to be our fault until we start DOING some of the things we've been talking about so long. Even when we DID try to "do somsthing about the plague" we did the wrong thing, saying that dope addicts were enemies of the people and threatening to turn them in to the pólice, which was just stupid to begin with. But we were desperate and couldn't think of anything else, having forgotten that the ONLY solution to problems like this is to create positive alternatives and work with the people to put them into practice. We weren't capable of doing that so we turned on the most oppressed people in our community and called them names, which was a really dumb thing to do. I think we know better by now, but you'll be able to teil by watching what we do in the future, ok ? Anyway, all of this was happening, and to top it off the Nixon administration, working closely with the C IA and the big vampire interests it fronts for, had engineered and was carrying out a range program designed to cut off the marijuana supply to the youth colony, adultérate the psychedelic sacraments, and get millions of kids strung out on scag so they wouldn't pose any kind of threat to the established social order. Actually I shouldn't say the Nixon administration, because this plan originated under the Johnson regime and only began to be obvious after Nixon and his goons stepped into office. What I should say is that it is an imperialist plan, a program designed by the REAL Amerikan government (i. e. the CIA) which it uses in whatever colony it can according to the dictates of imperialist "foreign policy. " For example, the same plan was being executed at the same time in the black colony of Babyion, except it was more extensive and more intensive at the same time because things looked even worse for the forces of imperialisra in the black colony than in the youth colony, especially after the wave of uprisings in the summer of 1967. With the revolutionary spirit rising in the black ghettos and hundreds of thousands of young white kids droping out of the Amerikan madness in the suburbs and cities of Babyion, blowing their minds (and all their illusi ons about the possibility of living within the confines of the Amerikan dream) on LSD and looking to black people for a new way to live, the octopus power structure got panicky and started scheming. Either one of these new problems of a dying colonialism would've been enough, but it was their intersection during the Summer of LoveSummer of Rebellion that struck the flinty hearts of the vampires of Babyion with fear. Niggers AND diggers just weren't staying in their place any more, and they had to be stopped by any means necessary. So the government launched a domestic chemical warfare campaign designed to suck the life out of the black colony and the heart out of the emerging youth colony and put those upstarts back where they belonged, nodding out in the corners and ripping each other off to feed their habita - ANYWHERE but in the streets, fighting and loving together, getting high and exploding together, striking out at the roots of colonialism which were the omnipresent racist thug pólice in the black colony, and the plastic brainwash conditioning used on kids - the brain pólice - which kept young white natives from getting out of hand. Operation Jones was just one phase of Operation Total Control, but it's an important one. Stay tuned to Radio Free You and remember, what goes down must come UP! In the earlier part of 1967 there was a whole lot of righteous weed and even more righteous acid floating around the youth colony working its magie on thousands of virgin minds, opening them up to new vistas of western possibility and giving them a whole new direction in life. Acid cut through the plastic conditioning within which kids' mentalspiritualphysical energy had been imprisoned and broke that ergy free to search out new ways of living with other people in the universe here on earth. LSD was the irreplacable catalyst in the western experiment: it was the spiritual equivalent of the atomic bomb, and it blasted a hole in industrial consciousness big enough for millions of young mutants to run through into the future, laughing and dancing and flashing on visions of a whole new world which would be big enough for EVERYBODY to live together without exploitation and greed and fear„ Well, it was bad enough when a few crazies were taking the stuff in their filthy communes and enclaves, but by the spring of 1967 rock and roll bands were singing about it on the radio and the suburbs and high schools were full of maniacs tripping around the halls and barely waiting to get out of school for the summer so they could go to San Francisco and see what this new life was all about. And by the time the first wave of psychedelic pügrims hit the Haight the vampires in New York and Washington were already plotting their evil programs and setting up the apparatus which would eventually put a stop to this madness - or so they promised one another, sweat pouring off their immaculate brows, as they mapped out their final solution to the problem of freedom: OPERATION JONES, or, crystallized death in a dropper. Manwhile, in the black colony of Babyion the suppressed spirit of liberation which had barely been contained since Watts had exploded against the sky two summers before was rising high in the blood of the black masses, and by the time San Francisco was reaping its first harvest of wandering flower children the Black Spirit had burst into life in Newark, then Detroit, Cleveland, city after city feeling the spontaneous destructive power of centuries of repressed feeling blasted free at last into the streets of capitalism, screaming to be heard and feit f inally and for all time. The very ations of imperialism were shaken by this blast, and its whole edifice shuddered and trembled caught in the hurricane of change. lts armed forces, sent in to put out the raging flames of black liberation, ripped away the mask of colonialism once and for all, and the vampire strategists were hard pressed to manufacture a new plan for keeping the black masses in their place. Naked military suppression was just too blatant and too destructive of the necessary conditions for commerce, but nothing else seemed to work and things were looking exceedingly grim, OPERATION JONES! eomeone screamed, that'll do it! We've already experimented with it among those savages, and it's the best thing since televisión for keeping people down. All we have to do is INCREASE THE DOSAGE, make the stuff stronger and easier to get, and we'll have those niggers eating out of our hand, Shoot enough schmeck into them and they won't even THINK of burning and looting - instead of ripping off our stores and businesses they'll rip off each other, and if they get any stores it'll be the little ones where we can piek them off one at a time, What a solution! It'll deaden their spirit and keep them turned against each other at the same time, and it'll start a wave of crime in the streets that we can use to build up our pólice f ore es so we can have all those militants under control if they ever try to stir people up like that againo Brilliant! So the program was started - each situation required slightly differ ent tactics, but the strategy was the same: get 'em hooked on heroin, and we'll have 'em where we want 'em, The black colony was flooded with a new, mach strouger grade oí junk called "P" I (for "pure" heroin) and I tons of reds and yellows I to take care of the ones I who didn't use a needie I y et. In the youth colony I where needies were alI most unheard of they I used a different tactic: the ADULTeration of LSD under the 3-year plan, easing speed onto the scène and then replacing it with smack and elephant tranquilizers in order to deaden everyone out. You think this is f ar out ? Just check it out for a minute: before the Summer of Love there was hardly any speed around at all, and the kids who were just starting to smoke weed and drop acid had never even heard of it for the most part. The acid was truly dynamite, and it was all over the place, so the first step was to start cutting the LSD with amphetamine and market it as some kind of powerful new trip: STP! Wow, man, STP! You trip for 3 whole days! F AR out!" And within a couple of weeks STP was the hottest thing on the psychedelic market - it debuted in San Francisco and spread back across the country like white lightning, which was the next phase after STP. All these were acid or synthetic mescaline mixed with methamphetamine, and the speed gradually replaced the acid alm ast entirely. By 1968 just about every hit of acid on the set was 00 or 90% speed with just a tinge of LSD to make it seem weird and scary. R got so there were thousands of freeks dropping "acid" every day who had never really HAD any genuine LSD but thought that's what they were getting they became habituated to speed without even knowing they were taking it. The next step was to slide a few tons of amphetamine crystal onto the set, and to get people SHOOTING it so they could get a REAL flash. Kids who had been dropping a lot of ADULTerated acid could really dig this new trip - pure speed -- because it was like the "acid" without all the scary side-effects. Crystal got to be real popular, and more and more people started shooting it to get the flash all the real hip suckers were talking about. Once they started running speed it was just a hot minute until smack creeped on the scène, and it got to continued on page 13 Dragon Teeth continued from page 4 be popular at first as an antidote for the jangley aftereffects of speed runs - you could shoot the scag with the same works you used for speed, and it would really cool you out. And besides, everybody thought they could use it without it using them -- "yeah, only fools get addicted. . . me, 111 just run soma of this jones once in a while and won't get strung out like them junkies. " Sure. Only it just didn't seem to work that way. Then the government surfaced its "Operation Mercept" program, which was actually just a minor phase of the secret campaign that'd been carried out since 1967. "Operation Intercept" was maant to cut off the marijuana supply from Mexico and drive the price of weed up so high that kids just couldn't afford it -- at least that's what the propaganda put out by the Just-us Department said. What really happened was that as weed got scarce the smack supply got bigger and bigger - it was hard to cop soms grass, but jones was everywhere, and "everybody's doin' it, man" led a whole lot of kids into NodOat Corners. Bogus rock and roll stars added to the mystique about smack - it wasn't enough that they were shooting dope themselves, but their example allowed them to be used by the vampires to get thousands of kids strung out on death drugs so they could be more easily controlled. Pretty soon smack was the biggest thing around, and "hip" began to mean what it had meant back in 1945 - super-cool, cold as ice, and twice as deadly. Isn't it PERFECT the way heroin works to destroy people and their sense of COMMUNTTY? Isn't it even more perfect than televisión or school or factories or prisons in separating people from each other and keeping them locked up in their own little egos ? William Burroughs described heroin as a "shot of cooked-down image", and that goes right back to the root of the word heroin, which comes from "hero, " you dig? It gives everybody the chance to feel like a "hero" or a star, to feel as real as Paul McCartney cr James Taylor without having to do anything more than shoot some powder into your arm, like buying a ticket to a pop concert and even the price is the same. Burroughs also said that junk is the "perfect commodity, " and there's no better way to put it than that. It's even better than televisión, because it puts you out and keeps you out, and you can't even change the channel or shut off the set without going through a whole lot of real physical agony. That's what it's all about, keeping people strung out on commodities, keeping their minds on getting the next do - whether it's a shot of dope or a new and bigger car - and never on anything moe than that. Cars and things are ok, but heroin is the ultimate commodity of all time, and the ironie thing is that the kids who called themselves getting away from the slavery their parents were trapped in have been turned into even bigger slaves, with even less to show for it than the most brainwashed honky. Jones has simply perverted everything we started to do, and f we're ever going to get back to where we were going we're gonña have to eliminate this poison from our community. But Pil have to talk about that next time. Scag ain't dope; it's death!