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There will be an all day training session for those interested in becoming sex education and problem pregnancy counselors for the Free People's Clinic. For further information, or to sign up, cali 663-4063 quickly. FLASH! There will be a COMMUNITY DANCE, sponsored by Gay Liberation (men and women) Friday evening at the First Unitarian Church, located at Washington and Perkshire streets. Enter through the side door. Records only - no band. Saturday, at 1:00 pm there will be a picnic in the Ar b. FLASH! In an effort to better serve the people, Center House in Ferndale is opening a Free Medical Clinic. We need doctors, nurses, lab technicians, medical students, student nurses, and non-professionals willing to work one night a week or month. We also need a microscope, a centrifuge, a sterilyzer, and other medical equipment. If y ou know where we can get any of this equipment or if you want to work with us; cali Center House at 399-9090 and" leave a message for the medical collective. FLASH! The Rainbow People's Party and Ann Arbor SUN staffers find it necessary to make several trips to Detroit each week, and our vehicles are wilting under the intense pressure. ff there are any people in the community who make regular trips to Detroit and who wouldn't mind us calling for a ride now and then, please cali us at 761-1709 so we can talk it over. Same goes for f olks who need rides. Feel free to cali us if you got to go to smoke city. FLASH! Vocations for Social Change is a west coast group that publishes a bimonthly catalogue af alternative jobs available throughout the U. S. It's filled with fascinating opportunities-everything from running organic gardens in the northwest to working for revolutionary publications. Most provide a subsistence salary, or guaranteed communal existence. Piek up copies of V.S.C, at 1520 Hill St. , or write to them at Box 13, Canyon, California 94516. FLASH! Anyone who has a van or large truck willing to get up early Saturday mornings (around 7:00 am) to drive to Eastern Market in Detroit or loan vehicles during that time, please contact the f oo co-op at 1709- we need lots of help in getting the food for the co-op as well ashuge amounts of fruit for the Park Concerts every Sunday. FLASH! The AA Sun needs typewriters, art supplies, office equipment, film, lots af food on Wednesday nights, and just about anything else we can get our hands on. Also, if anybody knows how to fix plumbing, we need you bad. FLASH! Fill this space with y our flash. Cali 761-1709 and run what's on your mind. The AA Sun is yours. Useit! FLASH! Anyone interested in baking goods to be sold at the free concerts in the park this summer cali the Park Program number, 769-9405, right now and teil them what you can do. People's Food to the People! FLASH! The Children's Community School needs: large wood blocks, books (good kids books- non-sexist, non-racist), old record players, typewriters, stuffed toys, pushcart type cars, crayons, paints, paper, lumber, brushes, and scissors. Bring stuff to 927 Woodlawn. Phone is 769-7352.