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Question: DO YOU THINK THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAP A PERSONS PHONE WITHOUT A COURT ORDER? BOB LASCZO, professor, Even in the interests of national security, the government should not be allowed to tap phones without a court order because this is a serious invasión of privacy. JIM HAYNES, student, MSU-It's obviously ridiculous even to consider tapping phones, especially without a court order. Even with a court order it's kind of wild to have such a situation rise where there is a tap. A person's personal life should be maintained as much as possible. DIANNE CLEVENGER, student, MSU- Idon'tthink that they should be able to wiretap because it's ridiculous. They shouldn't have the right to invade people's privacy like that. I think it's a bunch of shit. ENSIGN WEIRDLY street f reek - I don 't think that they should be able to tap phones because it's an invasión of f ree speech. K a person wants to do something secretly, he should be able to do it without any worries. BOB ZARZAR, Orange Julius employee and student - It's really crazy because they can't use it in court anyway. The legal system is pretty shitty anyway. They don't get anything by it. I think tney just sit around and listen to it and have a good time, it's the old fun of listening to what they're doing next door. I think it's silly.