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Spiro: Discard People

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Spiro Agnew is at it again. This time we have the Vice President of the United States' plans for what's in store for all of us.

Speaking in London and commenting on dissent and dissenters, Agnew said that. . . "There are people in our society who should be separated and discarded. I think it's one of the tendencies of the liberal community to feel that every person in a nation of over 200 million people can be made into a productive citizen. I'm realist enough to believe this can't be done."

Agnew's vision of the future is particularly appealing. "We're always going to have our prisons, we're always going to have our places of detention for psychopaths, and we're always going to have a certain number of people in our community who have no desire to achieve or who have no desire to even fit in an amicable way with the rest of society."

"And these people should be separated from the community, not in a callous way but they should be separated as far as an idea that their opinions shall have any effect on the course we follow. "