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The Sun moved into Gemini, Friday, May 21st, at 12;18 p. m. Where the Sun is tells us the essence of the times, and with it in Gemini it's important we be aware of it. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins (II), going from one extreme to the next. It gives broad scope to anything associated with it. Gemini people are usually into a whole lot of different things, sometimes so much they're not into anything at all solidly. Gemini energy is very easily scattered in a million directions. It's ruled by Mercury (symbol), the messenger of the Gods, concerned with communication and teaching, ruling the central nervous system. Gemini is analytical and factual, quick and clever, but easily schizophrenic in its scope and changeability.

Each one of us has to be aware of these tendencies and learn how to harness Gemini energy/essence to work in harmony with each of our Sun-signs/essences. It can help us broaden our scope in regards to things, which is good as long as our activities are not so broad that they become useless. It can help us communicate, too.

Since Mercury rules Gemini its position is very influential during this period. As I pointed out last week, Mercury moved into Taurus (symbol) on May 17th. Taurus will help in solidifying Mercury's quick energy. Taurus is the bull, it is often stubborn and/or persevering in whatever it undertakes. I hope with Mercury in Taurus we will flow along with the influence and be persevering and stubborn if we need to be in order to communicate with each other.

It's amazing how far this country has gotten in pushing a system that so completely separates people from each other. Taurus can be very open and receptive, too, and Mercury wants to teach; with the combination we can learn what we don't know and teach what we do know. That, and the fact that the Sun/essence is in Gemini, points out that this is a good time for learning all kinds of things, getting the facts, analyzing them, and putting our thoughts into a basic framework from which to work.

This goes for all kinds of things. When I was in North Vietnam we visited the Museum of the Revolution in Hanoi, a very modest place. The brother who showed us around had fought in the battle of Dien Bien Phu and during a short rest we got into a rap about making a Revolution. He talked about how it was like building a house; many different materials are needed, which are built around a basic framework. Our most basic framework at this point is the knowledge that we have to somehow come together as a people again, working to meet all of our most basic needs, working to define and live our lives in a totally different way from how we were brought up to. These are good times for this, for finding out facts, for putting them together, and for using them in our every day lives.

Mars (symbol) is in Aquarius (symbol), and will be for some months yet. Mars in old mythology is the god of war. That seems to be that planet's most negative vibration. If we understand Mars to be energy, incredible amounts of energy that works through whatever sign it's in, then Aquarius is a killer place for it to be. Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer, the helper of the warrior. It is associated with the colors of the Rainbow, and is the sign of universal brother and sisterhood. The colors of the Rainbow are distinct, are allowed to maintain themselves, they are different, and yet they work in harmony with each other. Just like the revolution we must make. Like any house we may build, many different materials and peoples are needed and included, and must work together to do it right. Mars in Aquarius speaks directly to that.

Sisters find your sisters

Brothers find your brothers

People find your people

The Sun and Moon are with us

We will come together

The Rainbow is our spirit.