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The Iguana Clock

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When the Mexican Indians high in the mountains behind Acapulco want tó relax after a hard day's toil in tko hemp fields. tliey sit in tlieir huts aiound a low circular tablc An iguana, captitred bare-lianded that aiternoon. is placed in the center of the table, and enoroious cheroots of hemp leaves are rolled. According to Indian magical belief, 13 is the sacred marijuana number. jo 13 religioiis puffsare suppnsed to be taken by each pereon As the cigars are passed. each person bKws hfc snioke into the mouth of the person next to him. The iguana, attracted by the pungent scent, follows the billowing stnoke-path around the table If the iguana gets stoned ai'd fulls off the table bef ore the f uil round of 1 3 puf fs ha6 been taken , it is time to stop smoking. If the iguana falh off the uble after the 13 puffs have been consumed, it is deemed by the smokers that this year's erop is not very good. Ij the guana falls fust as the kist person ftikes hls thirteenth loke. it is ngarjed as an Act of God