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Free John Now!

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All of our people are smokin marijuana Fcelin real good and doin what we wanna But the cops come and take us to jail Kangaroo courts ain't givin no bail Now they've ripped off nearly half a million They gave John Sinclair Ten years for two joints Cut off all of his hair Time for us to make the people's point FreeJohn. FREE JOHN NOW!, Think they can take our best men and women Expectin us to get high and forget em We can't let them push us around We gotta be free to get down We gotta get John Sinclair out of prison Got to let em know Pillage of our nation is through Make them let him go It's something the puwer of the people can do„ , . Got to get up and sing Yes we're gonna have our way Make our voices ring Now, now, right now, startin today