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Before And After: The Story Of Larry Belcher

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Some 150 sisters and brothers are ;urrently held captive by the State of Michigan in one or another of its prions for defying the laws against the ïse and distribution of marijuana. Novhere is the brutal stupidity and antisocial nature of these laws more manfest than in the case of Larry Belcher, lumber 103796 at Marquette State Prilon. Larry is in his middle thirties and came up in the Traverse City area. He had a rough boyhood, grew to drink a lot and get in lots of fights (he's rsal big, over 250 lbs. and very strong, and he damaged a lot of people), and he eventually served several years in Jackson Prison for various beefs, including saiecracking, passing stolen checks, and strongarm robbery. This was in his younger days. When he was already over 30, Larry got turned on by a friend to some good smoke and, as it developed, to the new life culture that was emerging out of the great Amerikan desert. He repudiated his old aggres■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■i ive, alcoholic ways, started smoking : grass every day, let his hair and beard grow as it may, and eventually : moved into a commune. He developed : considerable skills as a writer, which: he put to community use as the first E author of the "Dope O Scope" column E in the oíd Detroit Forest) : SUN, and he was one of those people : whotook primary care to see that there is good smoking dope available : to the community. Larry was older than most of the : people on the set in Detroit's youth : community in the later 1960's, and there was a gentle humor and sort of fatherly benevolence about him that : made everyone his friend, Everyone was shocked when they would learn of his earlier history. Since the fall of 1968, Larry cher has been serving a 20-30 year sentence for distributing marijuana. He has been in Jackson Prison and Marquette Prison (where he was trans-ï ferred for trying to communicate with : his old friend John Sinclair), held against his will and at the point of a gun, for over thirty months. i ■ ui i iiiiiii iiniiiiiiiiiiif