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Free John Now Stuff!

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T_ WW W W YW% Bright yellow T-Shirts with FREE JOHN NOW! B-B mJ silkscreened in red towering over a green marijuana % ? SO J JU _L JLm _ L leaí, State size as either small, medium or large RÏTUÏPFP A B.B J jf - l M _T_ lm Flaming red and yellow FREE JOHN SINCLAIR y k OrFYÜTr Y1 & LEGALIZE MARIJUANA bumperstickers -3 v H STICKER VI y lOrpYl W Same FREE JOHN NOW! poster as you see in this B L ; mL W ■ 1 I Wft Wwi issues centerspread only printed on stock paper Jj ÜSl mk r ■ " kJ M MJ 11 with more color added. 1R T r mj S-l jaB B ■- 1 04 A 24 page phamphlet by John Sinclair r "BBlak i JL A XlL 1T JL JL II Ii mV , --The Whole Marijuana Story! U THE MARIJUANA REVOLUTION BJI I lrlÉBT FREE JOHN NOW ! buttons printed in vellow and red C BI B B I j with a bright green marijuana leaf (just like the T-Shirts!) ? If you would like to order some of this f out stuff, teil us your NAlVIE PHAMPHLET ADDRESS TOTAL AMMOUNT INCLOSED and how many you'd like of each , .4 ,, . _, _ . , „ , , _ and send ït all to: The Rainbow People's Party POSTER 1520 HiU gtj-egt BUTTON An" Arbor' Michigan (48104) We'll get them to you as fast as we can folk's. so T-SHIRT (state size) don,t get uptignt if they take at least 2 weeks to arrive. BUMPER STICKER