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Pun Closer To Home

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Pun Closer to Home

As predicted in last week's SUN, the bail conditions keeping brother Pun Plamondon behind bars have been changed. On Friday, May 28, Judge Damon Keith lowered Pun's bond from $100,000 to $50,000. What makes this a really significant change is that the Judge also dropped the surety, which means we only have to meet 10% of the amount, cash returnable--$5,000.

This doesn't mean he'll just walk out of jail any day, although that day is coming closer and should happen soon. Pun still faces charges for possession of a phony draft card in Grand Rapids, a dope case in Traverse City, and obscenity charges back here in liberal, forward-looking Ann Arbor. When and if bond is established on the other raps, Pun will come home to us all, after spending the last 10 months (except for the past 10 days) under the barbaric conditions of maximum security.

To be sure we'll keep you all informed on progress in the case in future issues. . . FREE PUN!