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The community coalition that recently received the $125, O'JO drug education grant is beginning to take more definite form. Three of the five representatives have been choser., Steve Schwartz from the U. drug course, Noel Hicks from Drug Help, and Matt Lampe from tho Tribal Council. Representat: still being finalized f or the Black studentcommunity coalition, and the ot of student services. The coalition is looking into the possibility 01 incorporating and acting as a lunding umbrella for numerous youtu and selfdetermination activities ana programs. This would extend the coalition into the área oí searching for more funds and perhaps expanding its membership at a later date. Incorporation of sonie form is required by the government in order to give out the coin. In a briefing in Washington last wee ivernment gave coalition representatives their suggested budget cuts and guidelincs for spending the money. The amount that the Tribal Council can get for the communit center was out duwn, but some money uill be available for this purpose. Everyone of the different groups did receivc budget cuts in Washington as the original request was for $175,000 of which only $125, 000 was given. This was, by the way, one of the largest grants under this program made in the country. Funding starts July 1.