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Going Up The Country

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Going Up the Country

The Arm Arbor Summer City Program is going to the country. . . trying to help people get back to the land. When you board the blue bus at N. University and State across from the Arcade you may be heading for the beach, woods, zoo, farm, organic garden, riding stable, canoeing, camping grounds or any place you help us find. We're going to be working with the soil, growing organic foods, and mostly just being with nature. First trip leaves Tuesday, June 1, at noon.

Summer City is also about sharing resources, skills and know-how. At Ozone House there will be times for leather work, yoga, tarot, astrology, candle making, photography, macrame and each other. At People's Plaza a band will rock and roll once each week from 12 noon to 1:00. Also there will be an open practice session where you can jam and rap with the musicians and perhaps really get into playing an instrument for the first time.

Lastly, Summer City will try to find employment for anyone who wants it. We are trying to bring the jobs and the people together. If you need a job come into Ozone House and fill out an application, if you can offer jobs like yardwork, painting, babysitting, or whatever, call the Summer City Hot Line at 769-6549.

What follows is the schedule for the first week in June. Look for weekly calendars or call Ozone House for information.

Tuesday, June 1--Noon--bus leaves North University and State across from the Arcade, trip to lake--swim, hike, picnic.
8:00--leather craft workshop in community room at Ozone House.
Wednesday, June 2--Noon-1:00--Band concert at People's Plaza.
Leaves of Grass.
1:00--Trip to Organic Garden. Bus leaves at N.U. and State Street.
Thursday, June 3--Noon-2:00--Workshop and jam session with the Leaves of Grass. 342 E. Madison in the basement.
8:00--candle-making, Ozone House
Sunday, June 6--First Free Park Concert.