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[ght af the special nature of this of the SUN, this weeks column ■inciply devoted to Marijuana. This inn will hopefully shed some light e whole mystery of marijuana freakTHEY DO OCCUR! But very rarely worth remembfring, so that if you nto a brotherBt sister in this state vill not make the commx mistake ïghing at his or Tier plight. irijuana freakts come in two vars. The first type, the more frequent, .-;sentially a bad trip on marijuana. includes the major componof the bad trip - panic and disorientation. The panic may be from undigested experience in their life or from disorienn, or most commonly, the panic at the reaction from the drug, often with attached fears of never coming down. Disorientation is losing track of where ir e or of what is happening. These bad trips do not mean that the person will be crazy. ff someone is in this panicked state, your laughing at them ause much more serious head damage than that experience ever would. The second type is an acute poisoning often called a marijuana toxic psys. This is a true crazy reaction drug, essentially from overdose. eaction is characterized by treme confusión and delirium, and may last 12-14 hours, with an accompaniag hangover that may last 48 hours. This reaction, in its few reported cases, has only f ollowed the eating of a large . quantity of hash. It seems that you can't smoke yourself that crazy as you pass out before you can poison yourself by smoking dope. Both kinds of Dope freak - outs should not be treated with other drugs, as they are self-limiting. Correction on Mescaline - the term orally absorbable is relative. Mescaline Sulfate is less absorbable orally than Mescaline, so that the dosage of Mescaline Sulfate to get off would be above 12 gram. Besides that compound being absorbed slower, that Mescaline Sulfate also weighs more per bit oí Mescaline than does Mescaline. But Mescaline is very hard to recrystalize, so that most chemists recrystalize it as a salt, either a chloride salt or a sulfate salt. The Mescaline is most effective (at about a 12 gram dose) per weight of the three, Mescaline, Mescaline chloride, and Msscaline sulfate. Mescaline sulfate is the least potent (effective per weight), the implication of last week's article is the same though, that the mescaline sulfate on the street, like the mescaline, has been for the most part a ruse.