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Dear Brothers,

In this world of rip-off, hip capitalists, star-tripping rock and roll musicians, thank you for playing the People's music of Energy and Life. I love you all. Right now I'm imprisoned at Syracuse University but I just may split any day for Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is magnetic to me because my old boyfriend back home in Cleveland, Ohio was from Ann Arbor and lived for a long time with the old MC5 and turned me on to the whole revolution. You see, a year ago today I supported the war, thought the National Guard was justified at Kent State, and believed marijuana would make people rape and kill. Well, I was pretty fucked up until I was exposed to the music and high energy life of Ann Arbor. Anyway, I hope to see you all when I get up to Ann Arbor and I hope to see brother John Sinclair FREE.

Suzanne King
Day Hall
Syracuse, New York