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up: Dear Brothers, In this world af rip-aff, hip capiits, star-tripping rock and roll musicians, thank you f or piaying the People's music of Energy and Life. I love you all. Right now I'm imprisoned at Syracuse University but I just may split any day for Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is magnetic to me because my old boyf riend back home in Cleveland, Ohio was from Ann Arbor and lived for a long time with the old MC 5 and turned me on to the whole tion. You see, a yeax ago today I supported the war, thought the National Guard was justified at Kent State, and believed marijuana would mak e people rape and kill. Well, I was pretty fucked up until I was exposed to the music and high energy lif e of Ann Arbor. Anyway, I hope to see you all when I get up to Ann Arbor and I hope to see brother John Sinclair FREE. Love.