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Rainbow People In The Park

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Two thousand freeks walking up the long paved road, over the bridge, dowtt the long dirt path to the place the people have renamed Diana Oaghton Memorial Park. . . R had storm sd so heavy that morning; intense rain, thunder, wind. . . But by two o'clock that afternoon it was Ann Arbor Sumtier Seventy- One in the park; sun and blue sky and good times and good food and that killer music. . . It all started with the Pride of Wom;n, which they were - outasite rock and roll f rom our SISTERS. And highspirited sister Barbara Holliday was announcing throughout the day, telling us what we gotta know about, keeping us up on what was happening, The Guardian Angel KICKED EM OUT sooooo nice. Anne LaVasseur announced the Up, got us up off our asses to dance and get up with Up. And they kept us up and jumping right through 'til it was six o'clock and timo to go home. . . And just as good as the music was the food, righteous rainbow dishes of brown rice and vegetables, lentil soup; and oranges, apples, eider; chopsticks to eat with if you wanted, and more - ice cream, iced tea; and, next time maybe lemonade and even more. Very little skonk in the park. . . And that goes for the drugs, too. Drug Help was there, to the left of the stage area, to deal with anyone who needed help with any bogus dope - and out of the thousands who caim to the park, only ONE PERSON went to the hospital, and they had to help maybe one or two others. The crowd was not a dowaed-out crowd like we've been seeing so much of recently - it was so beautiful and far out to see brothers and sisters getting down with so few hassles with down dope that it was hard to believe. The Psychedelic Rangers had hardly any trouble at all with regard to dope, although they did have to stop one person from dealing on one occasion. We can't help but wonder why we read in the Daily : "Although there were no undercover officers at the concert Sunday, Krasny (Ann Arbor Chief of Pólice) said pólice will not be kept out of the park on future occasions if the use of narcotics cannot be controlled without them. " What a crock! Statements like that are what leads us to believe that our city adnvnistrators have very little real contact and understanding of the Rainbow Colony. Anyone who was there and knew what was going on would have to feel happy to see the progress our people have made in stopping the plague of down dope in our com.iiunity. And that doesn't mean that we still don't have a lot of cleaning up to do, because there are still so many of our brothers and sisters who aren't hip yet to the downed-out ruse of smack and downers--but let's recognize our achievemints and expand them, and get even higher ! There was almost NONE of what Krasny calis "narcotics" in the park on Sunday, and the city should be glad of that. Sending in undercover agents would surely cause more trouble and separation than it's worth--unless that's what they -trouble, rather than cooperation. . . And speaking of cooperation - the Psychedelic Rangers need somo more cooperation from all the people for a couple more things, especially concerning the fenced-in area around the train tracks behind the stage, where the old train is sitting. All day long Rangers had to be posted there to keep people from crawling all over the train, demolishing the f ene e, and possible being hurt very badly. One tim 3 a small child was almost hit by a passing train, and that's more than a drag. People should be conscious of where they park, so you don't have to com? across the golf course, cross the tracks, and climb over the fence to get in. What a hassle ! The best place to park is over at Huron High School, where it is real easy to walk into the park the regular way. We also need more cooperation from the bikers. There ware representatives from a number of different clubs there, and somo got their bikes into the park by coming in a way that was not clearly marked. We hope next tini'3 our brothecs and sisters will leave their bikes in one place outside of the park where they can be well looked after, and so the grass doesn't get torn up and the sound doesn't drown out the music. There was very little trouble with the bikers for the most part because they are good brothers and sisters who don't go looking for trouble - they just deal with it pretty heavily when it comes their way. Unfortunately there are always some people who ain't so cool as others, and there were a few bad scenes--minor assaults - that we hope won't be repeated again. THIS WEEK ! ! ! There will be a BIG bi llboard at the entrance to show what we need the Park Program money for. We hope that everyone will be able to give at least a quarter and more, if possible. A new policy cerni ng selling stuff will be tried, since the Tribal Council's Park Committee feels there are too many people in the community who want to sell goods in the park to be able to deal wlth it all every week. The only stand selling stuff this week will be the food stand, and future concerts will be designated "Crafts Days" where everybody will get to sell their stuff. . . And this week the Brat, Rosta, and Mongoos will be getting down on stage. And the moon will be in Aquarius. And WE GOTTA HAVE OUR MUSIC AND DANCE! One more thing: We hope other comm unities will follow the example of the Tribal Council and organize themselves for their own free concerts in the park every Sunday. K we get too many more people in the park we just might get too jammed to be able to deal with it all efficiently. People from other cities interested in advice and help from the Tribal Council should contact Steve Josephson at 769-9405 or Genie Plamondon at 761-1709. SUPPORT THE TRIBAL COUNCIL'S PARK PROGRAM! SUPPORT THE RANGERS! RAINBOW MTJSIC FOREVER!