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Recently, the Nixon administration with the help of our pawnlike Congressmen, succeeded in passing an amendment to the food stamp act. The government is looking to economize its spending ft is not that America is not rièh; it is that the rich want to be richer and for that the poor must suffer. There is not enough money to go around when corporations like G. M. pay iinproporttonally low taxes, when the ail and coal corporations receive welfare in the form cf depletion allowances while they rape the country erf its beauty and charge the people for our resources, when the Pentagon spends billions to commit global genocide, or when many rich folks suffer the same plight as Ronald Reagan who pays little and sometimes no taxes. Since we have a self-created money shortage someone has to lose and it is usually the folks who are poor and most disliked by the power structure. The legislative history oí the new act makes it clear that people who live in communes and groups are singled out as "losers". S you are under 60 and live with others who are nut related to you by marriage or blood you will not lie able to receive food stamps. In A this means communes and groups will be cut from food stamps even if tliey were otherwiso cligible by the usual economie standai Persons in the community are thinking of ways to test the courts out on this issue,. If you are not a student but live in a communal situation and are on food stamps, have been cut, or believe you will not be granted stamps because of the unrelated household provisions, the Sun will provide you with information on the legality af the new law. If you are interested in testing the law and you plan to be in the area for awhile, then get in touch with Frank Bach at the Sun.