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THE QUESTION THE WEEK ES DO Y OU THINK THE MAN SHOULD ASSUMK THE SAME RESPONSIBILITY AS WOMAN AS FAR AS THE HOUSEHOLD DUTIES AND THE RAD3ING OF THE CHILDREN E CONCERNED? Joy, hom?-, maker - it depends on what kind oí a job he has ... I really believe he should take his fair share oí it but it dependa on what hours he has, but I believe it is an equal responsibility. Bob Hauert, Department of Religious Aifairs, U of M - sometim3S I get offended by a being identified as an executive of the sier Corp. and hls wlfe as a homemaker; it puzzles me because it seem.s they are both qualified as homemakers ... a man should take his child to work with him. . . . Dan, social worker - No I don't, I because I ' think they both have different jobd to perform in life, and I don't think he can form his job if he has to do things at home. Bill Johnstone, Cambra salesman - No I don't, Ithink a woman's place is in the home. ff y ou want to have a f am'ly at all, I think they should have equal rights if they both have real serious careers, as the situation dlctates. Lorenzo, dancer-There are so many sexist mun I wouldn't trust with children, but I think they should. . . . TMs week's Voice of the People prepared by Leni Sinclair and Barbara Holliday.