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Summer In The City

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The Sumnvïr City people's Program is rapidly becoming an alternative life style in itself . Or at least a beginning in the rediscovery of our natural selves and surroundings. Already The Blue Goose (our bus) and its driver Crazy Al have made it possible for us to "get back to where we once belonged. " We have hiked, swam, ridden horseback, and farmed. At the community organic garden we worked with the soil and planted the first erop of squash and watermellon. We are going camping, canoeing, dancing and anywhere else people want to go exploring. All that we need now is Y OU; the Collective Energies of all of us: our bodies, our spirits and our will to learn and discover an alternative means of existence to the Amerikan Way of Death. To effect these changes we want to spend as much time as possible out in the country, getting back to the land that modern industrial earth-rape vilization has taken us away f rom. The Blue Goose leaves from the corner of North University and State Street every Monday and Friday at noon and every Wednesday at 1:00 (Tuesdays and Thurdsays in case of rain on the other days. ) We're looking for your ! ideas about where you want to go and what you want to do. Let us know your ideas by visiting Ozone House or by calling Denise, Richard or Mirtha there at 769-6540. Summer City is also trying to help people exchange resources, skills, and energy. We have workshops, jams, and rap sessions at Qzone every Tuesday and Thursday. We've already had workshops in leather-craft, candle making, macrame, and a guitar and drum workshop and jam. This coming week there's an astrology session. Check out the calendar on page 15 for all the events. ! Sum ner City is also trying to f ind I employment for people who need it, bringing the jobs and the people er. K you need a job (anything from painting to baby sitting to distributing organic products) come into Qzone House and fill out an application or cali ! Erica Raine at 769-6540 and she will ! help you out. ! Last but always there'll be Rock and Roll every Wednesday at the People's Plaza from Noon to, featuring local bands. Rock O.i ! FREE JOHN!