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Coyote Turns His Head In The Children

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I when the railroad carne, even to the mountain & the land was fractured the game trails began their descent into memory. the boys in the way, the children in the village were told to set their hoops aside & taught a game of catch with rocks to toughen their bodies & quicken their minds, were taught to run for miles with a m outhful of water they could not swallow, clouds rolling in different shapes the rivers, the prairie, the stars, all have changed now but if you hear him COYOTE will say: "you are the boys in the village the children in the way from James Dean to Gary Snyder Taos to ampliiied madicine not just your look but your manner. " his voice just inside the stillness beside the wind's edge. II now the kids go rnad. they can't swallow this in their eyes looking down how can they sit with their elders their empty elders once they hear his voice? the values of the dry rock people the watering place the hunt wild plants tough shoes a woman a man where one hungers all hunger where one feasts all feast the sun life ceremony the dance the EARTH skills the children using rather than owning balance discipline the values of the city people symbols overpower desire to have more & more an occupation machines ease senses are for pleasure Chemicals entertainment order based on written law media plenty for all who can get it. COYOTE TURNS HIS HEAD IN THE CHILDREN LAUGHS & RUNS AWAY.