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Fd like to try to clear up a few old ruses about our hair (which has been used to identify freeks ever since our culture started to develop), especially the ruse about split ends. When your hair is dirty (oily), take a natural bristle brush (this is essential) and a pal and sit down and brush each other's hair. This gives a chance for the blood to go to the scalp and it's a real pleasure. Brushing gets rid of splits almost naturally and you don't have to cut off what is good healthy hair. BEWARE OF THE TRIM-THESPLIT-END RUSE! ! Trimning is one of the causes of what you're trying to trim split ends. It butchers the hairs, chopping them off and causing them to fray at the end. When you wash your hair use organic shampoo, which you can get from health food stores or from Ann Hoover at the Rainbow People's Party house at 1520 Hill Street. After you wash your hair, twist it in a towel (don't try to rub it dry) and let it dry without brushing or combing it at all. Air dry it, because when you brush or comb it when it's wet it stretches the follicles and breaks them off and as a result your hair splits. Alter it's dry, brush out the tangles and it will look like natural hair and you will look like yourself instead of what the magazines say you should look like. Now before you all go out and get your shag haircuts, sit down and think of what you're doing. Does anybody remember what they did to us in school? They smashed our born-in creativity by making us do the same work and they reinforced this process by making us all look alike. All little boys had short hair, and most girls' hair was pretty short too. By making us look alike and act alike, we began to be alike, fitting into their mold. But then came the Beatles et. al. with what seemed to be real long hair. As the 60's went on more people had longer and longer hair, and the beautiful thing about it was that everyone's hair was unique, just as every person is unique. Also, there were no trips to the barber or curler shop for a waste of from three to ten bucks. Now the fads are turning again and everybody is beginning to look like everybody else. The shag. More people are starting to butcher their hair uselessly. I know people are doing it just to do it, but something else to do, something beneficial to it, is instead of getting together to cut each other's hair, get together to brush it. Dig the natural color and texture of something that's real, not like some rich woman's po odie. So when you want something to do, brush it, never cut it again, and I know that you'll dig it. Give it time to go through a period of readjustment - help your hair develop its own natural beauty instead of forcing it into the star Amorikan death mold. No designer's fantasy will ever look better on you than your own hair as it grows. Let it grow ! ! !