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Barb, Lance Kick'em Out

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With the recent announcement from Detroit radio station WRIF that righteous sister Barbara Holliday will soon have her own radio show, rock and roll music and Ann Arbor freekdom have made a second major breakthrough in the radio business in the last two weeks. Along with the Grand Dude himself, Lance Long, Barb will be the other half of a new pair of Ann Arbor people to come smashing over the airwaves with the people's music on a regular basis.

Lance Long's long-awaited stint on Ann Arbor's own WNRS-WNRZ started June 6, with a Sunday trial show on Larry Rock's spot. In just two days NRZ management had decided to replace Dave Wagner, who was holding down the midnight to six slot, with the Dude. Those who have heard Long already know his thing, in his own words, "Lots of old rock and roll, a real good smattering of blues--and I still play new stuff and really wanna put some jazz out there, too, along with humorous things like the Firesign Theater. An all-round combination of stuff, but essentially along the lines of good old rock and roll."

Lance was born in Ypsi and has lived in Ann Arbor ever since he got out of the Army 4 years ago. He's done all kinds of work, including running his own poster company, teaching a class in rock and roll at the Free University, managing and playing with the Tate Blues Band, and even playing for a while in his own group, the Grand Dude Enterprise. Long's show is called, uniquely enough, the Grand Dude Enterprise, and he wants to use it to do interviews with lots of local people on the scene.

"As many local people as I can get that want to come out--I'll try to get 'em out, " he says.

Meanwhile, Barb Holliday has been hard at work practicing for her new show that will start in the next couple of weeks and run between 3 and 7 in the morning every weekday. Like Long, this is Holliday's first shot at doing a radio show, and she wants to really be ready. Just Barb's sitting in with Dan Carlisle in the last few days has done enough to insure radio audiences that her gig will be more than mellow.

A killer musician in her own right, Holliday has lived in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area all her life, except for a year or so awhile back when she was playing bass and singing with San Francisco's all-women Ace of Cups . Alter returning last year Barb was the short-lived lead singer with the Pride of Women that raised havoc at the Union Ballroom free concert held for participants of the People's Peace Treaty Convention. She gives up her job as Ann Arbor Summer '71 park announcer to join the other high energy folks at RIF-raff radio.

Lance will have MC 5 guitarist Wayne Kramer on his show on Friday (tonight) to preview the new Five album, "High Time. "


photo caption: Barbara Holliday

photo: David Fenton