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WTVS-Channel 56

June 18

7:00-The Government Story, "The Check that Balances."

June 19

9:00-723. 25 MHz visual, "The room."

June 20

5:00-Focus on Sweden, "We are More Like Friends-Industrial Democracy"

June 21

10:00-Your Dollars Worth, "Pushbutton Living."

June 22

8:00-Advocates, "Should Congress Force Withdrawal of All U. S. Troops from Indochina by Dec. 31, 1971?"

June 23

7:30-Just Jazz, "Gene Ammons Sextet"

June 24

8:00-Our Vanishing Wilderness, "Will the Gator Glades Survive?"

June 25

7:00-The Government Story, "Framework of Freedom."

June 26

8:30-723. 25 MHz Visual, "Musik, " John Lee Hooker, Danny Cox, Ted Nugent, Terry Reid, and from last summer's Tarter field free concert the "MC 5" and the Detroit cast of "Hair."

June 27

9:00-Fanfare "Welcome to Fillmore East," Byrds, Van Morrison, Sha-na-na, and the Flock.

WXON-Channel 62

June 20

9:00-Tubeworks; The Rolling Stones, Phil Ochs, Alice Cooper's Black Ju Ju, Ry Cooder, Peter Walker, the Jam Band and Mike Quatro, the Laser Light Black Sabbath's Paranoid, a film "And Time is Running Out" concerning the People's Peace Treaty, plus news, sports and the calendar.