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Dear Everyone,


Well, what's been happening

down there?  I hope everyone is in

good health.  We are all fine. Lisa

is really walking alot now. We have

been receiving the Sun every week.

It is really good to read. I really

like knowing what is going on down


Last night Ron and I went to

pick up his 2 sisters at the show

and we parked behind this great big

car (real classy), and all these

little kids were lighting smoke

bombs and tossing them under that

big classy car. And we couldn't

figure out who's car it was then

all of a sudden the guy walked out

of the theatre and guess who it was

--Governor Milliken (BLAH!).

He flipped when he saw what was

going on with his car, I mean if I

saw blue, green, yellow, and red

smoke coming out from under my

car I'd flip too. Not only that but

about 10 little kids were marching

single file around it. It was so

funny Ron and I couldn't stop laugh-

ing. When he was about 10 feet

from our car Ron yelled out --"Power

to the People!" He looked our way

then the Gov., his wife, and two

other creeps got in their car and

drove off real fast. We just about

split our guts we laughed so hard!

Must go--write letters everyone.

Keep us informed.


Kathy, Ron, and Lisa