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This coming week will see some of the most far-reaching changes in the planets to happen yet this year. It's very significant when a large or slow-moving planet makes a move into a new sign or goes retrograde or direct. On Friday, the 18th, both Saturn and Uranus complete movements. Saturn, which has been in Taurus, moves into Gemini, and Uranus, which has been retrograde in Libra, goes direct again. Saturn basically puts limitations on whatever it is working through or with. Sometimes limitations put us through a lot, but that leads to more and more. Limitations are good when things become too scattered for any good too, and I hope that's how it acts in Gemini. Saturn in Gemini will hopefully bring some concreteness out of the broad interests of Gemini.

And Uranus, a heavy planet, has been in Libra for many, many years. It's one of the slowest moving planets. Uranus is the planet of revolution, of great and constant and progressive changes. And Libra is harmony and justice and balance, especially concerning relationships between people. And that's what revolution is all about anyway. The way people relate to each other. Capitalism demands that people relate individually, competitively, for the good of a very few. Hence racism and sexism serve the purpose of setting up divided situations where small numbers of rich people profit off people, who are too busy fighting each other to see what's really going on. Uranus has been retrograde for some time now too, which took it's influence way down deep inside us as it appeared to be going backwards in the sky. And now on Friday it's going direct again. Going direct will take it through the same points again that it went through originally and in retrograde.

Uranus in Libra demands a revolution in the way we relate to each other, to bring about justice and harmony and balance. COMMUNEism demands that people relate collectively, that people think not in terms of just their own good, but in terms of what's good and best for everyone, for our people, for all people. The nuclear family ruse of living with just one person and kids for the rest of your life is being broken down to bring harmony and love between large numbers of people. Which doesn't mean that people won't build strong relationships over a period of years with one person, it just means that people are starting to think in terms of being a people and wanting to live and work with more than one person and of not having exclusive love. For a good portion of the people on the planet now Uranus has been in Libra all our lives. B's a powerful influence.

The other really important movement happening this week is the Summer Solstice on Monday, the 21st. The Summer Solstice marks the Sun moving into Cancer, the offical "first day of summer", the day this side of the planet faces the Sun the longest and the Sun is at its Zenith, its highest. Cancer is the time of complete formation and manifestation of the subjective self, i. e. personality. It is symbolized by the crab, an animal that carries its house around with it where ever it goes and is very concerned with making it comfortable. It is also always reaching out for things and gathering into itself. Cancer is the mother principle too in that it is nourishing and wants to help things grow to their fullness. It is a water sign and tends to be extremely emotional, strongly influenced by the Moon.

The Sun in Cancer sets up the situation where the outward manifestation power of the Sun is working through the sign most closely associated with our inner personalities and helps us to relate more openly and honestly. The Summer Solstice is traditionally a celebration time for many peoples, with the Sun being in its most prominent place of the year.

The next afternoon the Moon will also go into Cancer, its home sign where it is strongest, going in the phase of the New Moon. And at the same time the Sun is going into Cancer, Mercury will follow closely. The Sun, the Moon, and Mercury all together moving into Cancer within two days, working in conjunction with each other. Mercury working to communicate and teach and liven things. The Moon and Cancer are the most receptive of the planets and signs. And the Sun is the most powerful outward manifestation of energies, Balancing these energies, between learning and teaching, between our inner selves and outer personalities is what we must do, so that our innermost thoughts and dreams can become realities, so we can define our own lives again--power to the imagination and power to the people.

Sisters find your brothers
Brothers find your sisters
The Sun is highest
The Moon is home
Revolution in love
Joy to the people
The Rainbow is our spirit