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Lance Long Fired

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Lance Long Fired

Lance Long, the high energy rock and roll DJ and people's airwaver who was the subject of a feature in last week's SUN, was fired Monday the 21st from his two-week-old gig at WNRZ.

According to NRZ staffer Tiny Hughes, the firing resulted from events and statements made on Lance's show (called the Grand Dude Enterprise) Saturday night. Lance interviewed guests Wayne Kramer and Fred Smith of the MC5 and during the course of the show, says Tiny, Lance "lost control of the interview." Tiny said there was some "bad language" used on the air and an objectionable reference to "dope."

As Lance tells it, there were two possibly "objectionable" incidents, neither of which were his fault. In preparation for his Saturday night show, Lance borrowed the Rainbow People's Party's copy of the Five's first album, judging from the censored cover that it contained the censored, "Kick out the jams, Brothers and Sisters" version of that famous tune. Not having the time to check it out for himself beforehand, Lance was duly horrified to hear "Kick Out the jams, Motherfuckers!" as he aired the tune.

Later Lance was reading a public service announcement for Drug Help, Inc., telling his sisters and brothers where to find help with any drug-related difficulties, when Wayne and Fred took the opportunity to ask for a little drug help themselves, urging listeners to bring some dope out to the station for their consumption then and there.

The station management alleges that there was further profanity, but Lance denies it.

Tiny said the station received complaints from listeners. Evidently WNRZ management chose to get rid of Lance rather than risk possible censure from the Federal Communications Commission, telling complainants that Lance would be fired in the hope that they wouldn't take their petty beef to the thought control goons in Washington.

As a result of this trembling attitude on the part of NRZ management, Ann Arbor has lost, at least temporarily, the considerable services of a good brother who loves the community, loves good jams, and knows both well enough to produce dynamite radio for the people.

Lance hopes to be riding the waves again soon and is already looking for some space on other area stations. If you dug his work during the short time he had to get into it, send a card to your favorite FM station and tell them about it.