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Party In The Streets

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Party in the Streets

On Friday, June 8, the first spontaneous street party of the summer got together on South University as a "private" party in an apartment building developed into a huge gathering of well over a hundred people outside. The tenants of #13 of the Park Plaza, 1320 South U. (the building next to the Bagel Factory) lent their apartment to some brothers and sisters to have a place to party on a hot night. They were getting high on the front patio and saw some friends who carne over and saw some more friends and friends kept on seeing friends until soon the crowd got up over the patio onto the grass then to the sidewalk and all the way out to the curb. Passersby and pals met and were getting high and the energy was mellow.

Just before midnight the police carne and the adrenalin rushed through the minors and the misdemeanants. The cops walked past the smoking pipes and into the host 's apartment. They asked if the residents would ask the partiers to disperse, caused no real hassles, and left after a few minutes.

Evidently other tenants in the building were scared by some of the activity and summoned the police. One sister named Leslie who lives in the apartment next door told the SUN she was sleeping next to her patio door when a drunk brother came into her room and started throwing rocks around.

At around 3:30 am the effects of too few hot marijuana tokes and too many cold alcoholic tokes began to show themselves as fights (!) broke out among those who got too grogged out. Considerable damage was done to the apartment, and when the tenants--all young brothers from 16 to 19 years old--got back the next day they were evicted on the spot. They now have to live with their parents.

--Anne LaVasseur