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There will be a Universal Life Church Picnic and get together, July 3-4-5, in Farragut State Park, Idaho. Everyone who visits the picnic will be ordained with a single wave of the hand of Bishop Hensley, who feels that "everyone is a minister at heart. " FLASH.' The Free People's Clinic has had to modify its hours, so patients will only be seen if they arrive at the clinic between 7:00 and 8:45 Monday through Thrusday night, and 1:00 to 2:45 on Saturday afternoon. This change is caused by the large number of patients that often show up at the clinic just before closing making the staff , which may have sat almost idle through most of the clinic hours, work very late into the night. As the staff is all volunteer, and most of them have to go to work very early in the morning at their respective hospitals, showing up late really abuses these brothers and sisters who work in the clinic. FLASH.' There is an organic farm Dutside Saline that is being overrun by weeds. The person who has it needs help and will pay in whatever crops are ripe at the time. Her name is Ruth Ann Spratling and if you cali her at 429-2159 she will be very happy to talk with you. FLA5H.' The Carnal Kitchen had to cancel its gig at the Oddessy this week because David, their bass player, has to go to Washington to deal with draft hassles- that shit's still going on. FLASH! Plans are being made for a second annual Smoke-In to Legalize Marijuana, free Marijuana Prisoners, and celébrate the People's Peace Treaty. It's scheduled for July 4 in Washington, D. C, and there'll be a full article on it in next week's SUN. Bob Hope, Billy Graham, and the rest of them plan to celébrate Independence Day while we declare our independence from them. FLASH The Rainbow People's Party and Ann Arbor SUN staffers find it necessary to make several trips to Detroit each week, and our vehicles are wilting under the intense pressure. E there are any people in the community who make regular trips to Detroit and who would not mind us calling for a ride now and then, please cali us at 761-1709 so we can talk it over. Same goes for folks who need rides. FIASH.' Putting together a weekly paper is something that's new to us--it has put us through a lot of changes and continúes to. We are still learning how to best organize our time and energy, and continue to make mistakes. We the critic ourselves in as many ways as possible, so we can move forward. All this to say that we foregot to teil you about the sale at the Bead Bag last week (and this is not a paid advertisement, we just feel bad about it) - they really wanted people to know about it and we foregot to put it in--it's a store f uil of all different kinds of killer beautiful beads for a penny a piece as well as beautiful hand painted beads for 40L apiece. PIASH The Back Door is now open, Thurs. -Sat. , every weekend, 8-11:30 pm. Entertainment and Rei reshment is free. The Back Door is located at 307 12 W. Mich. Ave, Ypsi (above city barbershop). FIASH.' Anyone who is willings to help provide places for people to stay for a night or two please contact us at Ozone House - there are many people just travellings through and few places to put them all. RASH.' The food co-op os growing at a very rapid rate. We have to expand to be able to serve all the people in the Coramunity. K you know cí a garage or basement that can be used as a second distribution point, If you would like to lend your van to drive to Eastern Market Saturday mornings (7:30am) or would like to put your energy into something worth while, cali Peggy at 761-1709. FIASH.' This space is yours to f ill. Flashes are f ree, and they just might get something done foryou! Report any gaings on to the ANN ARBOR SUN. FIASH.' Concerning the news of Dave Wagner being fired from WNRZ, the station says they did not fire Dave, he left for a better job elsewhere. What can we say?