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This week's question: How did you react to the recently released Pentagon study which showed, among other things, that President Johnson deliberately lied to the American people about the war in Viet Nam, and how do you think this reflects on the credibility of the present government (Nixon)?

Julie Finn, street freek: I knew they weren't gonna end the war anyway. I knew that Nixon or Johnson or whoever wanted us in war, and it didn't surprise me cause they lie about everything, and they keep it from the people--you know, they dig the war cause it keeps them financially in place.

Wilbert Corwin: I'm not happy about it--I'm against the war In Viet Nam to begin with and the way that things were handled. The credibility of the government before was bad, but now I think it's worse. I don't know if Nixon is telling the truth, unlike President Johnson.

Doris Viola, housewife: I was a wee bit surprised--I can't say it really changed my feelings towards the war or our involvement because I really feel that we should not be in it at all. I feel it's not so much a matter of national security why they wish to suppress the report as it is trying to cover up for their own mistakes and I feel that we've really sort of been deceived a wee bit--not a wee bit, a great deal.

Lester D. Taylor, professor: I think that there was probably more deception than what I had thought, but I certainly was not surprised that the administration's public stance was different from what was in fact going on. I think that the thing that will react against the Nixon administration is just the attempt on its part to suppress it.

George: I'm not shocked by it, cause I just wouldn't put it past them. I think it will really increase people's distrust in their government especially since they're trying so hard to shut it up.