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Crime Against The People

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Crime Against the People

In a brutal display of contempt and hatred for the youth community, Ann Arbor police held a press conference this week at the burning of 179 pounds of seized sacrament, marijuana, at the county incinerator, crowing about their blasphemous action in the papers while thousands of us struggle to keep from falling into the low-energy ozone for lack of a decent toke.

The grass, allegedly home-grown in this area, was confiscated out of a car occupied by two brothers and a sister, as yet unidentified, who will be charged with possession of marijuana and face imprisonment of up to ten years for this "crime." Anyone who has ever smoked a good joint, gotten mellow from it, and dug the altogether benevolent and fellowship-building quality of the experience knows that these creeps who continue to enforce the antiquated reefer laws with such vengeance are the ones who ought to be sent up for their anti-social behavior.

The police story has it that the car was stopped because its occupants had earlier passed a stolen credit card out at the Westgate Standard station. Whether or not this is true, it brings up the fact that anyone who is risking years and years in the slam to bring the sacrament into the community owes it to or herself to have good cover on all fronts--this means no burnt-out taillights or license plate lights, etc., and no incidental racketeering while on the job. Dig it.

--Dave Sinclair