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Save the Planet

The Ecology Center in Ann Arbor consists of some offices on Detroit St. and a lot of energy volunteered to keep it running and keep people informed about ways they can help clean up our environment They want to reduce consumption, and make complete use of our natural resources so we can begin to eliminate the wanton destruction of the planet.

One of the ways they are doing this is with the community organic garden. The garden is located on Beal and Glacier Way out on North Campus. They need help with weeding and general care now, and in a couple of weeks with the harvesting. The garden is almost 2 acres of completely organic vegetables, cared for with compost heaps arranged throughout the rows. A lot of this compost is made up of grass clippings, so when you're mowing the lawn save up all those clippings and take them over to the garden, which uses quite a bit of it. If you have a vehicle which can be used to transport these clippings for other people let them know down at the Ecology Center. People are working on the garden seven days a week from 9 till 6 and you can catch a north campus bus any time around campus and help with this community project.

There is also a glass recycling station at Arborland that recycled 50 tons of glass last week. They need people to help with the general work out there of rapping to people and sorting the glass. They also need volunteers to

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help pick up the glass from different collection points. If enough people help out with this they may soon be able to start recycling paper which would really help save some of our beautiful forests, which can only be saved for real and everywhere when all the profit-gobbling corporations that rule Amerika are turned around and made to serve the people.

The Ecology Center is trying to build up our community by having people work together as brothers and sisters for the good of all of us. You can get a share of the produce from the garden by helping out with the work. If we get into recycling our glass and get enough people to help out with it the Ecology Center will begin to organize paper and can recycling centers, all to help start building a new environment to live in that won't consist of plastik junk but will be truly a healthy place to live.

The Ecology Center has a library open for community use on Organic Living and Gardening and also a file of Congressional Records on the Vietnam War and environmental topics. They sell books, buttons, bumperstickers and handmade jewelry and have a lot of free literature available. Drop in at any time at 417 Detroit St. (just past the Farmer's Market) or give them a call at 761-3186.

Build Organic Consciousness. Don't rely on stores to supply you with all their plastik consumer merchandise when you could just as easily do it yourself--make your own clothes, don't buy plastik foods that lack nutrients and vitamins. We must build self-determination for our people by working with our brothers and sisters and sharing our energies for and with each other.

Peggy Taube