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WABX--99.5 FM
Jerry Goodwin--7-11 am
Dave Dixon--11-2 pm
Mark Parenteau--2-6 pm
Dennis Frawley--6-10 pm
Ann Christ 10-2 am
Jim Dulzo--2-7am (weekend)
Jerry Goodwin--7-noon
Ann Christ--noon-4 pm
Larry Monroe--4-8 pm
Dave Dixon--8-1 am
Jim Dulzo--1-7 am
Larry Monroe--7-1 pm
Dennis Frawley--1-7 pm
Mark Parenteau--7-2 am

WDET--101.9 FM
Bud Spangler--Mon. 9-11:30 pm, Thurs. 10-11:30 pm, Sat. 9-Midnight (jazz)
Stew House--Wed. 10-11:30 pm
Kenny Cox--Sat. 5-8 pm

WNRZ--102.9 FM
Tiny Hughes--6-12 noon
Robert Young--12-6 pm
Larry Rock--6-Midnight (Sunday)
Doug Williams--Mid-6 am
Sid Clemons--6-noon

WPAG 107.1 FM
Folk & Blues--8-Midnight
Rock, Folk, News--Tues. & Thurs.-Sun. 9:30 pm
Live City Council Meeting Mon. nite

WRIF--101.1 FM
Hank Malone--7:30-11 am
Art Penhallow--11-3 pm
Dan Carlisie--3-7 pm
Jerry Lubin--7-11 pm
Paul Greiner--11-3 am
Tony Pigg--3-7:30 am (weekend)
Art Penhallow--11:45-4 pm
Jerry Lubin--4-9 pm
Dan Carlisie--9-2 am
Paul Greiner--noon-6 pm

SPECIAL--June 21-Quadrasonic broadcast with WABX and WDET combining forces to bring you music (folk, rock, jazz, classical and moog). Evening.