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Dear David and everyone,

Thanks for sending us the SUN--it's good to hear news from Ann Arbor and it sounds like things are getting good about John and Pun being out on the streets again--SOON!

The band has been recording this past few weeks. We hope to have the album finished at the end of this month and released and in Ann Arbor next month. Chris Frayne is designing the cover.

In case anyone in Ann Arbor wants to know what we are doing--the 25th and 26th of June it's Charlie Musslewhite and Commander Cody at Friends & Relations Hall on the Great Highway in San Francisco (the old Family Dog is being run by a band that is trying to be a righteous place for the people and the bands--lots of bands are playing there--taking a share of what's made--so there'll be a ballroom in San Francisco for all the people).

Also, July 4th, there will be a Free Concert in Provo Park, Berkeley with Jeffrey Cair, Commander Cody, and the Youngbloods. Joe and a friend, Jolly are trying to coordinate the concert with a Three Day Festival in Ho Chi Minh Park (the old People's Park Annex) with political, educational, revolutionary workshops.

Hope all is going well with the Rainbow People's Party, John & Pun, Skip & Jack, etc.

Love, Bonnie-Joe, Commander Cody & Everyone


Dear Sun,

Because music is such an important part of our lives, there is a need in the Ann Arbor community for an inexpensive source of records. We are going to start a community owned record co-op to serve this need. It will be a non-profit business owned and operated by the people of the community whose only purpose will be to serve the people by getting the music to the people at a cheap price. Right now we need people who know any source of wholesale records, a location for the store, and any people who want to help get it together. If you are interested, call Mike at 761-6365.

Peoples music to the People!

Long live Rock and Roll!


Dave Sinclair and Rainbow people,

A lot of our brothers and sisters are getting into the revolutionary thing in many different ways. I see many that are going in adverse directions. We can't let this happen. There is no doubt in my mind that a revolution on a national level will occur in our land. We must now prepare ourselves to take up the pieces and put them back together the way they should be. We must help our brothers and sisters ready themselves for a better way of life. America was once a wonderful place to live. We must again make it one.

I have been into the revolution since my discharge from the service in 69. In that short time I have seen too many who ignore the needs of their brothers and sisters. We must never forget that the revolution is for all the people for they are all oppressed. I live in a city that exists only because of a prison. Your brother and one of mine are are both in that prison. I hope that someday they will be with us again. You need yours as I need mine. If you think this letter might bring some of our brothers and sisters together I would like for you to print it in the SUN. Power to all our oppressed brothers and sisters so that they might break their shackles!

Ken Wilson
Chairman, Drug Abuse Committee
Society of American Youth
Jackson, Michigan


Dear Tiny,

Hopefully this letter finds you and all the other mello heads of NRS & NRZ in good health.

All the heads here dig your program everyday. We listen to you and Bob on AM and at night we listen to Larry and Dave FM (earphones). I for one wish that your AM schedule last at least until 10:30 pm, because most of us (1,700) have our own radios and they are AM.

My reason for writing this letter is, because I'd like to make a pledge of $3.00 for the Community Park Program. It's not much but I know it can be put to good use. I tried to squeeze a little more together for my brothers and sisters but when a head only makes $10.00 a month, there's not much squeezing that can be done. dig!

All and all life is beautiful and I feel good about giving. Good Luck.

Thank You,
Don Enersen
# 122043
Jackson Prison