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T-Shirt Bright yellow Shirts with FREE JOHN 0 L NCW! silksereened in red towering over vW ■.';''' a green marijuana leaf . State size as V-f ';L either small, mdium or large IB. :' '.' ■'■ ■-".'' Poster FREE JOHN NCW! poster printed ai stock ■fëtr&JI W& ? paper in red, yeüow, and green ■VB ffi;;. ;.';' Bumpersticker ti'';"í ;;' '"'"!fNí' 11''] Flamlng red and yeüow FREE JOHN ÉfcíiS-ii l SINCLAIR & LEGALEZE MARIJUANA áJ bumpersttckers j Pamphlet THE MARIJUANA REVOLUTION - A 24 page pamphlet by John Sinclair The WÏtole Marijuana Story ! Button 25 femc design as T-Shirt, large stee 'J How to Order j Send cash, check, ur money order to: JOHN SINCLAIR FREEDOM FUND t '::: 'í,? isao wu st. i AnnArbor, MiCh. 48104 S you're tirderlng T-Siirts, be sure to speclfy size (small, medium, or large). Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.