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Ballroom Snuff Scene Averted

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Ballroom Snuff Scene Averted

The management of the Michigan Union has begun to move against the Friends of the Rainbow People, a recognized U. of M. student organization, in an attempt to suppress the high energy youth colony stomp down benefit dance concerts sponsored by the FRP in the Union Ballroom. 

In a meeting with FRP representative Dave Sinclair, who was trying to secure the Ballroom for the Free John Now! benefit Aug. 3, Michigan Union manager Stanfield Wells and his adjutant Jarvis Hilton refused further use of the room on the grounds that the Rainbow People couldn't "control" the people. Reference was made in hushed tones to alleged violations of state and Union laws regarding marijuana, alcoholic beverages, children, and dogshit.

The Union officials had no comment when Sinclair suggested that they would rather see the people with nothing else to do shooting smack on the diag than see them getting high on the music and each other in the Ballroom.

Friends of the Rainbow People were forced to solicit the intercession of the Student Government Council (youth united!) in order to avert the snuff. The SGC representative conyinced the Union management to lease the Ballroom for the Aug. 3 benefit, with the agreement that the SGC will be on hand at the event to judge for themselves if anything is "out of order." Friends of the Rainbow People urges all rock and roll maniacs planning to attend the Aug. 3 benefit, which will feature the Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station, Up, and Otis, to be cool with the tokes, both cold tokes and hot, and to leave your dogs at home.