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18 Year Old Vote Passed

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The recently passed constitutional amendment lowering the voting age to 18 is already having big effects across the land. Communities with large numbers of young people (mostly college towns) are seeing freeks enter local elections for City Council people, Mayor, Sheriff (think of the possibilities in that one ! ), school board, and everything else. In East Lansing, Mickey, a college dropout who goes barefoot all the time wearing overalls, and Chuck Will, a writer for the local people's press, are trying to capture the position of mayor from the current holder of that office. Chuck's campaign button bears the image of a bright green marijuana leaf. The primary election, at which six nominees will be chosen from the starting field, is August 3. The possible outcome is making the East Lansing establishment kind of nervous there are 18, 000 students living in dormitories on the campus, and only about 12, 000 registered voters from the city itself. A registration drive is in the works, but there probably won't be enough students registered in time to really affect the August primary. But anything is possible by the time the runoff election comes around next November.