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Stonk Shoot-out Judged

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Many of us remember easily Sunday August 2, 1970 in Diana Oughton Memorial Park when briefly reminded of the circumstances. It was the end of another beautiful day at the free concert and most everyone was gone. Suddenly loud noises were heard and someone came running to the stage yelling that someone had been shot over by the food concession stand!  What?! ! It turned out that one of the God's Children motorcycle brothers had been shot by a brother, David Hunter, because of a low-level hassle about a can of pop.

The stories differ as to what really happened, but this last week, a year later, finally saw the trial happen. Hunter was charged with assault with intent to murder. His story was that he was being chased by a few of the God's Children after he hassled the concessions about getting a free pop and the concessions dude called on the God's Children for help- fearing the wrath of the God's Children (some of the members are openly racist and David Hunter is black) he pulled his piece and shot Richard Morse. The God's Children deny they had any intent to harm David.

As of this writing we have heard that a jury acquitted David of the charge of assault with intent to murder. During the trial he requested to plead guilty to felonious assault but was not allowed to.

Upon thinking about this whole incident I can only remember brother Malcolm X pointing out how this capitalist culture has successfully colonialized people to the point where we are fighting among each other rather than fighting the enemy who perpetrates all this shit. Because isn't it capitalism and its extension, imperialism, that must perpetrate racism and sexism and any forms of separation possible to exploit to the maximum all people possible for the benefit of a very few people? As long as we are quibbling with each other about the ownership of cans of pop and putting each other out of commission we can't even begin to understand who the real enemy is, let alone try to bring about revolution/change. Incidents like this happen every day, people ripping off their best friends, especially since there is so much smack in all communities now which promotes that kind of shit- let's try to redirect our energy, we have a lot of cleaning up to do. Power to the sisters and brothers who know and fight the real enemy. Rainbow power to the Rainbow People!

--Genie Plamondon R.P.P.