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Mark's Coffeehouse

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E you like to eat and feel good while you're doing it but you're tired of feeling stuffed up after you have eaten then Mark's is your alternative. They serve rice and vegetables (soma of the vegetables are grown in Mark's organic garden). It may take a while for your taste buds to adjust but after they do you'U find that you feel much better and you can taste more, too. The baked goods at Mark's consist mainly of organic ingredients but are sweet enough for you to make a smooth transition from the regular Amerikan diet to one that is of moré nutritional value. Fresh homeade salads, sandwiches (on black and rye bread), fresh fruit, sugar free juices, and a variety of good teas are some of the other good foods at Mark's. The food is only a part of Mirk's total energy restaurant . All twelve in the Mark's collective receive the same salary. The owners receive no more money than anyone else. The collective holds regular meetings where things such as hours, what foods should be served, who should prepare them, and costs are discussed and decided upon collectively. Mark's is the only restaurant in Ann Arbor that I have been to where you can walk in and feel at home. You can enjoy yourself while eating, playing the jukebox, having a game of chess or checkers, reading the SUN, getting involved in political raps, or just reading the community bulletin board. Mark's is open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 12 Midnight. Why give money to the man. Eat at Mirk's. (There's a pinball parlor in the basement, too).