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The Up Rock and Roll Co. and the Rainbow People's Party would like to apoligize to the Summer City program and to the people f or being late for their scheduled noon set at People's Plaza on Wednesday, July 28. As a consequence of being se late, Up was able te play only three jams before University officials shut off the power at 1:00. Sorry! FLASH I have 80 acres of land and ome ducks and chickens and '11 ah ai T have with anyoiv .: ; aincerely moivateu cnoi. ,h to make 11 Ve can feed ourselveB thla winter with foodfl that will ■ jt rot our boclies. You t aji corne and see for yourself and stay as long as you feel is good. Tm David Bergman, Box 33, Burr Oak, Mich. 49030, or contact my friend Marijo at 503 Church St. , Apt. 2, Ann Arbor. FLASH.' This is a photo af Robert C anteion, f rom East Lansing, who recently ripped some people off and in so doing contributed to the general sacrament shortage that has been plaguing Michigan. Anyone having any information concerning his whereabouts contact the SUN. FLASH.' Hanoi at the Paris Peace Talks: "Once Mr. Nixon sets 1 a date, agreement on. . . soner release will not be difficult. " U. S. in reply: "Your offer to agree on the modalities of . . . release of prisoners. . . requires clarification. "; FLASH ' The Ann Arbor SUN is YOUR paper, and we urge everyone out there who's ever had an itching to piek up the typewriter and would like tq write for the paper, to get down their raps, and bring them by, We'd like to expand the loca! news section and cover everything that concerns all the different kinds of people that live in town. In order to grow properly into the new world the community needs inf ormation, so that everyone will know what's going on and where they can fit in. IF you come across anything that might be of interest to the community, get it down on paper and bring it by our commune at 1520 Hill Street. Writing might seem like an impossible task, but if you just figure out what you want people to learn about and DO IT, you'll find it a lot easier than you thought it would be. FLASH The People's Food Co-op has weekly m jetings every Wednesday at 7:30 PM on the 3rd floor oí the S. A. B. Come on over ií you are interested in working with us or have any suggestions about what we can do and would like to help implement them. We also need recipes to share with the brothers and sisters in the co-op. Bring any you have over to the SUN or cali it in. FLASH.' Business hours for the Rainxw House (communal headjuarters and offices oí the Rainbow People's Party, Ann Arbor SUN, and Up Rock and Roll Company) are from 10 in the morning till 10 at night. Please don't bang on our doors (unless it's something urgent of course, since there are workers here at all timüj beEore or after then. People's Food Co-op participants especially please note: no biz bef ore 10 a. ra. or after 10 p. m. FLASH The Ypsi Food op is now a reality through self-determination. Take each $4. 00 order to 127 College PI. before Thurs. night. Piek up at 501 N. Adams between 2 and 6 pm on Sat. They need people to help bag the f ood plus they really need a ván. (Their van is going into the zone). For info, cali Nancy at: 482-5942. Remember: The more people the better! cover photo: David Fenton FLASH H you take pictures in the commtinity, brlng them by the SUN for possible use. We're constantly looking for more photographs for our local news and rock and roll pages, and would like to see what you're dolng. FLASH Free Angela Davis Mseting Thursday, August 12, 3529 Student Activitles Bldg., 515 E. Jefferson. Speakers: Claudia Morcum- Co-chalrwoman Michigan Comraittee; Paula Smith- Youth coördinator FLASH The Free People's Clinic wants to work on your teeth ...for FREE, oí course. To expand their services to dental work they need to cop a dental chair. K anybody has one or knows where they can get one cali 'em up and give 'em the scoop. The number is right below. . .