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The Stooges are no more. Last Sunday Iggy finally broke it cif from the rest of the band, saylng that he might form a new group to take the old name some time in the future, ft's fairly well known that most of the Stooges have been plagued with the jones for several months now and that's what caused their music and general state of organization to crumble. After becoming notorious for showing up late for jobs and sometimes not even showing up at all, the whole thing cama to a head last month (after drummer Scott Asheton nearly wiped himself out when he ran the equipment truck into a toolow -the phone was shut off; they were dumped by their record com?any, Elektra; and Al Nalli came and repossessed almost all their equipment. ft looked for a while that the band was joing to make a comeback and pull it dl back together as they have been getting themselves healthy again (no jones), but it was just too late. Their absence from the scène will certainly be regretted, and folks will be watching to see what the musicians, particularly Ron Asheton and Iggy Stooge, do now. Iggy, by the way for starters, has been talking with Winter manager Steve Paul about joining up with Johnny Winter and Riek Derringer (of Johnny Winter And) when Johnny gets out of the hospital where he's being treated for psychological stuff. . . The Amboy Dukes' gig at the Union Ballroom to Free John Now! was one of their last- as the band now stands, that is. Ted Nugent has been pr actie ing with a new band that should start playing in public next week as the old one gets phased out. Ted's also thinking about getting rid of the name "Amboy Dukes" (he's used it for four years now with innumerable different musicians) in favor oí "Crossbow. " Whatever it's called, the lead singer of the new band is the legendary Johnny Angelos (formerly with Mghty Quick) and, contrary to Nugent's original intentions, the infamous Mike Quatro will not play keyboards or have anything else to do with the Dukes or Crossbow or whatever. . . Mitch Ryder reports from California (just before returning to do the Free John Now I marathon at the Grande Thursday) that Detroit's recording sessions in Vancouver, British Colombia went well and "this should be the party record of all time. . . it rocks ! " Before getting back to their hometown Detroit gigged some on the West Coast, "purging the earth" (in Mitch's words) with some mighty high energy Michigan jams of the sort they don't hear too much out there. The album will be finished soon in Toronto and partying with it should start sometime in September. We can't watt. . . "That's Fine" by the Brownsville Station has been getting play on CKLW por those of you who don't get to hear wonderful AM radio) and their booking agent Dave Leone says "we know this one is going to go all the way". . . The Jefferson Airplane (according to Earth News) has applied for visas to visit mainland China. The Airplane office describes China as "a whole new rock and roll frontier. " The idea apparently has been in the back of their minds for years, or at least since Paul Kantner and Abbie Hoffman several years ago decided it would be a good idea to have a rock festival in Hanoi. The Airplane's American tour has been delayed recently because Grace Slick has been recuperating from an auto accident, but their first tour in many months will begin August 15th will three Eastern dates . . . Rock on and FREE PUN, SKIP, and JOHN!!!