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Brothers and Sisters, I just got a copy of Number 2 of the Anti Arbor Sun. It was pretty good except for the article about the Rock & Roll Revival by Joe Tiboni, so this is mainly to him„ First off, this wasn't the second one, but the third, but that doesn't matter. What got me was when he said that it was a rif off. Well, maybe, but you can 't get bands to play for free. Another thing he said there was a hassle with the O. D. Tent. Well, why didn't they put it someplace else instead of by the jon and the water fountain. Also he said "You had your choice of sitting on scorching hot asphalt or dust and dirt an inch thick." Well, what about the two grand stands ? But on the other side he talked about all the shit with fireworks and the bad dope. But that was all. So I suggest to him that he clean up his act a little bef ore putting it in a bomb paper like the Ann Arbor Sun. I may not write so good or spel to hot either, but when I see a prejudice thing, I can't help but try to set it straight. You can prirt' this if you want. Stay high, Bill Dear John: I wanted to write to you and express my feelings of complete agreement with the project you, Leni and other members of the Free John Committee have undertaken. Though my time is limited, I have been trying to assist Leni in her fine efforts to gain support for your campaign. In addition, I have read a recent edition of the Rainbow Party paper and the article written by you was beautiful, to say the least I thought you might want to know what I am doing here in Lansing. I have introduced a bilí which would repeal all penalties for drug use. fi is my feeling that legalization of drugs would go a long way in both fighting drug abuse and addiction and would elimínate or gañiz ed crime 's involement and control. This is House Bill No. 5487. I have also requested a bilí which would provide that drug addiction shall be a defense to a person charged with the sale or possession of narcotics, with the provisión that he must seek treatment for addiction. This is aimed primarily at the heroin problem. As of this time, the bilí has not yet been drafted. Please be assured that I am 100% behind your efforts and will continue to do whatever I can to be of assistance to your goal. I would most certainly like to hear your comments on the drug bilis I have introduced, and if there is anything else I can do to help. Keep up the good work. Peace and Love, JAC KIE VAUGHN 111 State Representative 23rd District